Life and Ministry Diploma Program

If you're seeking to enrich your knowledge of God's Word, but may not be ready to commit to full-time studies, the Life and Ministry Diploma will provide you with a basic theological foundation for more fruitful life and ministry. Offering flexible hours, a manageable workload, graduate-level courses and minimal cost, this diploma is ideal for full-time ministers.

Program Distinctives

  • Affordable tuition rates
  • Flexible course schedule
  • Online options
  • Opportunity to matriculate into master's program

Program Details

The Life and Ministry Diploma requires six total courses, including at least one from each division of study:

  • Biblical Studies
  • Christian Thought
  • Practical Theology

You have the option of taking your six courses on-campus (view suggested courses) or off-campus through our Semlink+ program. It is possible to complete all of the required courses fully or partially online.

Please note that our Semlink program has recently undergone significant changes and is now called "Semlink+". Enrollment with the discounted rate for Diploma students is available 2 weeks prior to the start of the semester. All Semlink+ courses are subject to a $155 course fee. Please contact our Diploma Coordinator for more information on enrolling for Semlink+ or for further clarification.


  • $375 per course
  • Discounted rate of $125 per course for spouses of current Gordon-Conwell students

For off-campus courses taken through Semlink+, access to online course material is included in the course price (see under program details about cost for Semlink+ courses). Additional formats of the course content can be purchased from our online bookstore, and required reading books can be purchased here.

Further Study

If you wish to pursue any of our master’s degrees, you must apply and be admitted to the program. Gordon-Conwell awards full graduate credit for courses successfully completed in the diploma program, and will transfer courses wherever possible into the degree. A matriculation fee is required that will reflect the true costs of the courses based upon their value for degree credit. Learn more about our master’s degrees.

Application Process

Although a bachelor's degree is not required, this program is intended for the serious student. A completed application and two references are required for consideration for admission to the Life & Ministry Diploma Program. There is no application fee.

Forms should be submitted to:

Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary
Attn: Diploma Program
130 Essex Street
South Hamilton, MA 01982
Fax: 978-646-4565

Contact via e-mail or call 800-294-2774 for questions or more information.

Current students: Click here for information.