Life and Ministry Diploma Program

Thank you for your interest in pursuing the Life and Ministry Diploma. Unfortunately, as a result of recent restructuring and reevaluation of the Ockenga Institute, the Life and Ministry Diploma Program will not be continuing. 

For those who would like to further their theological education please consider the following options:

Dimensions of the Faith Program

Dimensions of the Faith is a free online theological education program. The Dimensions program has taken seminary-level courses and adapted them to a 'go at your own pace' distance learning program which includes audio lectures and a study guide. Complete all ten courses and receive a Dimensions of the Faith Certificate from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary. Students who complete all 10 courses are also eligible for a scholarship for up to $1000 if they enroll full-time at Gordon-Conwell. Please note that Dimensions of the Faith courses are not eligible for academic credit, but are for personal enrichment only.

To access the Dimensions of the Faith Program website click here.

Foundations in the Faith Program

Foundations in the Faith is a set of courses designed for all Christians who want to achieve a deeper understanding and knowledge of God's Word and his work in the world. Building on the foundational knowledge that can be achieved through Dimensions in the Faith, the Foundations courses give you access to some of the best of the rich selection of educational resources available at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary through our new interactive online environment.

All the courses are self-directed so you can register in your own time and learn at your own pace. You can use these courses either simply to access the lectures and class materials, or if you choose to, we have created a Foundations in the Faith certificate program which you can participate in. After completing four Foundations courses, fulfilling the reading and discussion requirements of the course, you are eligible to receive a certificate to celebrate your achievement.  Note that Foundations in the Faith courses are not eligible for academic credit, but are for personal enrichment only. Cost per course: $65

To access the Foundations in the Faith Program website click here.

Semlink Classic Courses

These courses allow anyone access to the materials of over thirty seminary courses in various subject areas. Note that Semlink Classic courses are not eligible for academic credit, but are for personal enrichment only. Semlink Classic courses cost $50 each.

To access the Semlink Classic courses click here.


Courtesy Audit

Courtesy audits are free for student spouses, local residents & pastors, etc. One courtesy audit per semester is allowed. As a courtesy auditor, you are a non-participating member of the classroom, and will not have access to any on-line learning materials, but you will be able to sit in and listen to discussions and fuel your passions in an area of academia of your choice. This courtesy audit is only available on-campus at our Hamilton campus and cannot be used for a Semlink+ course.

To access the Courtesy Audit page click here.

Transcripted/Official Audit

Official audits require formal application to the Seminary and fees. Official auditors are allowed to take as many courses per semester as preferred, paying current audit fee and student services fee, after receiving approval from the Registration Office. An official auditor must attend at least 75% of the class meetings, but are non-participating members of the classroom.

To access the Official Audit page click here.

Contact Us

For anything related to the Dimensions, Foundations, or Semlink Classic programs, call the Ockenga Institute at 1.800.294.2774 or e-mail us at For anything related to auditing or special students, contact the Hamilton Registration office: