Schedule and Plan

Year One of Fellowship


Roundtable 1 - New England (September 2016: 3 days/2 nights)

Note: Each Roundtable beings on a Wednesday afternoon and ends on a Friday afternoon.

A Unique Ministry Context – What is the Awakened Church and who is making a difference?

This roundtable will explore New England as a unique regional context for doing ministry. It will focus on the Silent Revival in the Boston urban church and the nature of institutional renewal, and will involve creating church profiles.

Roundtable 2 - Business & Work (November 2016: 3 days/2 nights)

Entrepreneurism – Who is making a difference and what can we learn that has implications for the Church?

This roundtable will explore meaningful work and the world of the congregation Monday to Friday. It will include a panel of Boston-based business entrepreneurs and discussion on the anatomy of a startup company.

Roundtable 3 - Science & Technology (February 2017: 3 days/2 nights)

Living in a Technopoly – What are the challenges and promises of technology?

This roundtable will explore how people experience and manage a plugged-in world, the new media and your congregation, and living in a world dominated by science.

Roundtable 4 - Health Care & Bio-ethics (April 2017: 3 days/2 nights)

Are we really living in a Brave New World?

This roundtable will explore the nature of health and the politics and systems that support it, the brave new world of genetics and the ethical implications thereof.

Year Two of Fellowship


Seminar Abroad - China (August 2017: 10 days/9 nights)

What can we learn about churches in New England in light of the global church?

The purpose for the global experience is to create a broader, more comprehensive vision of the Kingdom of God for our early-career pastors which will lend perspective to the local contexts from which they come. The trip is intentionally placed at the beginning of year two, so that the group bonding which takes place on such a trip has the opportunity to enrich the remaining roundtable discussions. Pastors will have the opportunity to engage with both Three-Self Church and House Church pastors and business leaders.

China Debrief (1 Day)

A one-day debriefing session: What have we learned? This debrief will be built into the return trip from the seminar abroad.

Roundtable 5 - Government & Society (November 2017: 3 days/2 nights)

What is the church’s (pastor’s) role in the public square?

This roundtable will explore the following: making sense of and living in a highly politicized world - church and state in New England (has the church lost its birthright?).

Roundtable 6 - Education & Information (Feb. 2018: 3 days/2 nights)

What is the future of education and how might this impact the church in New England?

This roundtable will explore what it means to be educated today, the politics of education (from online education to home-schooling and everything in between), the university without religion?

Roundtable 7 - Arts & Media (April 2018: 3 days/2 nights)

Athens and Jerusalem – Do you see, hear and feel what I see, hear and feel?

This roundtable will explore the ethics and politics of the aesthetic world, what is "beauty" and why it makes a difference, the place of the arts in the church.