Video & Presentations



"Our Global Families: Christians Embracing Common Identity in a Changing World," with Todd Johnson at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary chapel. 

"The Future of Ecumenism," with Gina Zurlo and Rodney Petersen of the Boston Theological Institute. 

"The 86% of People Who Do Not Know a Christian," with Todd Johnson and Justin Long.

"Demographics of World and Asian Christianity," with Gina Zurlo, at the World Council of Churches 10th General Assembly in Busan, South Korea. (Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3)

"Overview of Empirical Trends in East Asia and Southeast Asia," with Todd Johnson at Gordon College

"Faith on the Move: Religion & Migration," with Todd Johnson at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary chapel.

7-Minute Video on the State of the World from 1970 to 2010 to 2010 with Gina Zurlo, at the Lausanne Global Leadership Forum in Bangalore, India.

"The Terrible Facts: What is Happening to the World's Christians?" with Todd Johnson at the Berkley Center for Religion, Peace, and World Affairs; Religious Freedom Project.



Todd Johnson and Cindy Wu, "Our Global Families: Christians Embracing a Common Identity in a Changing World," Webinar with Missio Nexus. 

Johnson, Todd M., Gina A. Zurlo, and Juan Carlos Esparza Ochoa. “The Emerging Discipline of International Religious Demography,” presented at the American Academy of Religion annual meeting, Baltimore, MD, November 2013. (Notes | Slides

Zurlo, Gina. “World Religion Database and World Christian Database: Academic Rigor with Multi-Media Delivery,” presented at the Society for the Scientific Study of Religion annual meeting, Boston, MA, November 2013. (Notes | Slides)

Zurlo, Gina. “Demographics of World and Asian Christianity,” presented at the Global Ecumenical Theological Institute of the World Council of Churches, Busan, South Korea, October 2013. (Notes | Slides)


Zurlo, Gina. “Highlights from Christianity in its Global Context, 1970–2020: Society, Religion, and Mission,” presented at the Lausanne Global Leadership Forum, Bangalore, India, June 17, 2013. (Notes | Slides | Video)


Johnson, Todd. “Christian Martyrdom: A Global Demographic Assessment,” University of Notre Dame, South Bend, IN, 5 November 2012. (Notes | Slides)

Zurlo, Gina. “Forced Migration: ‘District 9,’” presented at the Costas Consultation on Global Mission, “Mission at the Borders: Encountering Migration in World Cinema,” Holy Cross Greek Orthodox School of Theology, February 18, 2011.

Zurlo, Gina. “Shifting Paradigms in Ecumenical and Interfaith Dialogue,” presented at New Challenges in Faith and Order Graduate Student Conference, Holy Cross Greek Orthodox School of Theology, April 4, 2009.