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Tuition and Financial Aid

We understand that education is a major investment of your time and financial resources. We are here to help you understand the cost of your education and what assistance might be available to help you pursue God’s calling. We invite you to contact our Admissions Team at onlineprograms@gordonconwell.edu or (704) 527-9909 to learn more or to discuss your options.

Tuition and Fees (2016-2017)

  • Admissions Fees
    Application Fee: $50 (one time, non-refundable)
    Matriculation Deposit: $75 (one time, non-refundable – is applied towards first tuition payment)
  • Course Fees:
    Net Tuition: $470/credit hour* (most courses are 3-credit hours)
    Technology Fees: $150/course Semlink+ fully online course fee
  • Additional Fees:
    Student Services Fee: $150/semester (Fall, Spring, Summer)

*Gordon-Conwell's base tuition rate is $645/hour.  Online students are considered Charlotte campus students and, therefore, receive the Charlotte Scholarship reducing the cost by $175/credit hour.  This scholarship, plus the availability of the full-tuition scholarship Partnership Program make Gordon-Conwell one of the most affordable accredited programs in the United States.

Students are also responsible for travel and accommodation expenses during the campus residencies.  Discounted housing may be available.

Financial Aid Overview

Most students are eligible for some form of financial aid. There are scholarships, grants and loans available for individuals pursuing graduate education. Many online MACM and MACL students may also qualify for Gordon-Conwell’s Partnership Program which features training and co-curricular activities in Biblical Stewardship as well as a full-tuition scholarship that is renewable each year.

For details on what financial aid is available, please click here.

Note: Online MACM and MACL students are considered Charlotte campus students for billing and financial aid purposes. Prospective Online MACM and MACL students should adhere to the procedures and deadlines established by the Charlotte campus. Prospective students with questions about whether they qualify for a specific funding opportunity should contact the Admissions Team at onlineprograms@gordoncownell.edu or (704) 527-9909.