About the Shoemaker Center for Church Renewal

The Shoemaker Center for Church Renewal makes available the educational resources of Gordon-Conwell and the larger evangelical community to pastors, lay leaders and churches for the purpose of encouraging personal and corporate renewal. These resources are offered in a variety of ways, including conferences, seminars, sabbaticals, curricular resources and audio and video recordings.

Pastor, join us for a week at Gordon-Conwell to prepare for the year at our annual Brown Bag Sabbatical! For more information, CLICK HERE.


The Shoemaker Center offers a variety of conferences and events each year to promote church growth and renewal. Oasis Counseling is a counseling resource provided for Gordon-Conwell alumni in crisis.
Brown Bag Sabbatical A number of courses and curriculum are available for those wanting to go deeper in learning about the Bible. Media Resources include audio and video recordings of past events and current information about upcoming events.

Contact Information:

Shoemaker Center for Church Renewal, Ockenga Institute
Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary
130 Essex Street, South Hamilton, MA 01982
ockenga@gcts.edu  |  800-294-2774

Many of the programs above are partially funded by a generous endowment established by Mr. and Mrs. Albert G. Shoemaker of Pittsburgh.