For those interested in taking an even deeper journey into the Bible, these bibliographies will help you get started. They are brief catalogs of current research in a number of different fields of biblical studies and are meant to get the layperson or scholar started on his or her way to understanding more about these topics. Please print, download and share these documents as you please.

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Bibliographic Handbook for the World of the Bible: Old Testament

A collection of resources on the history, land, culture, and texts of the Old Testament world.

Annotated Survey of Old Testament Reference Tools 

A collection of tools for a basic background in Old Testament history, theology, and exegesis. The list includes links to search the Gordon-Conwell online catalog.

Pentateuch Bibliography 

A collection of resources useful for studying the first five books of the Old Testament.
Historical/Poetic Books Bibliography 

A brief list of suggested resources useful for studying the historical and poetic books of the Old Testament.
Introductory Bibliography to the Prophets 

An introductory list of suggested resources useful for studying the prophets and prophetic books of the Old Testament