Status of Global Mission—Updated for 2014

For a snapshot on global Christianity, view the one-page annual statistical table Status of Global Mission. The table provides a statistical overview of the world’s 2.4 billion Christians and their activities.

The Center's LibraryThe Center's Library

The Center for the Study of Global Christianity, located on Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary's main campus in South Hamilton, Massachusetts, houses a research library with over 10,000 volumes.  The texts cover a number of topics, including both the history of Christianity and general history (at the global, regional, and country-specific levels), world religions, people (ethnic) groups, language and linguistics, missions and evangelism, art and media (especially Christian art), statistics, and the social sciences. Click here for more information.

For more information about the library or to arrange a visit, please contact the Center directly at 978-468-2750 or

IBMR's Study of the Atlas of Global Christianity

Create a free login at the website of the International Bulletin of Missionary Research for a summary and review, including page views, of the Atlas of Global Christianity in "Christianity 2010: A View from the New Atlas of Global Christianity."  In "The Making of the Atlas of Global Christianity," Todd M. Johnson and Kenneth R. Ross discuss their process and motivation for producing the Atlas.

World Christian TrendsWorld Christian Trends: Interpreting the annual Christian megacensus, AD 33-AD 2001

Click here to read an excerpt from World Christian Trends by Dr. David B. Barrett and Dr. Todd M. Johnson describing martyrdom through the Christian age.  This chapter was cited in the January 2011 issue of the International Bulletin of Missionary Research.

Global Data

Global Diagrams

Global diagrams are one-page sheets providing detailed measurements of a specific theme. 10 of the 74 global diagrams from World Christian Trends are provided here in pdf format.

GD-04. World Christian Trends across 22 centuries and companion graph 7-1
GD-15. Missionaries Ever
GD-16. Martyrdom
GD-18. Human Need
GD-23. Geopolitical-Religious Blocs
GD-24. Resources for Mission
GD-30. Enumerating Christian Traditions
GD-34. Status of World Evangelization - Worlds A, B and C
GD-41. Global Religious Change - Annual Gains and Losses
GD-62. Deployment of Missionaries - Where should foreign missionaries work?

Global Commentary

World Christian Trends 2005 Presented at IFMA/EFMA, St. Louis, September 2004 by Todd M. Johnson
Overview of World Evangelization, 2005-2025, Report for Lausanne 2004 Forum on World Evangelization

Global Maps

GM-04. Trends In Evangelization and Christianization in Worlds A, B, and C countries, AD 2000.

Global Tables and Lists

Table 1-2. Global Adherents of the world’s 19 major distinct religions
Part 11. Global Top Ten lists on 145 major missiometric categories

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