Ockenga Institute Courses and Curriculum

You can benefit from seminary curriculum without being a seminary student.  The following courses and programs provided by the Ockenga Institute give you an opportunity to study a range of fields, such church history, theology, Biblical studies, even Biblical languages, at your location and pace.


Semlink Semlink (Non-Credit) allows anyone access to the materials of over thirty seminary courses in various subject areas. Dimensions of the Faith Dimensions of the Faith is a series of ten free online theological courses with the option of receiving a certificate of completion.
Life & Ministry Diploma Program The Life and Ministry Diploma Program is a six-course program of masters-level classes to enrich your life and ministry.  Chinese Semlink Chinese Programs provide Semlink and Dimensions of the Faith courses in the Chinese language.

Contact Information:

Ockenga Institute
Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary
130 Essex Street, S. Hamilton, MA 01982The Harold John Ockenga Institute

Dimensions of the Faith: dimensions@gcts.edu
Life & Ministry Diploma Program: diploma@gcts.edu
Semlink Non-Credit: store@gcts.edu