Special Edition: What America Preached After 9/11

National tragedy can be overwhelming. It may be hard to know how to bring the gospel to bear on so much pain and suffering. In these articles, Gordon-Conwell alum and faculty like Tim Keller, Mark Dever, Walter Kaiser, and others, answer the hard questions of tragedy and offer a gospel-centered hope for the future.




A Word on September 11, 2001

When unspeakable tragedy occurs, what is the proper response? Mark Dever, pastor of a church in the nation’s capitol, offers an insightful look at the issue of justice.


Crisis Preaching

Even and especially when crisis hits, pastors have an obligation to preach and a uniquely valuable message to give.


Faith Under Fire

When tragedies such as September 11, 2011, occur, we can question about God’s character, especially His goodness, wisdom and love, or we can look to God’s character for assurance and hope.


God Is Our Refuge

God has not promised us a trouble-free life. What, therefore, does it mean to have God as our refuge, especially when life is frightening and uncertain?


Why Does God Allow These Things?

When we and our nation are suffering, what should we ask of God? How should we see God moving in the midst of the catastrophe? And how can we find joy?


Are You Ready for the End?

Tragedies like Sept. 11, 2001, remind us that the end of our lives can come at any time. Are we ready to face that end, and if not, how do we prepare?

How does Vengeance Not Manifest Itself in the Christian Community?

Tim Keller explores the difference between vengeance and justice and answers the question of whether forgiveness and justice are mutually exclusive.