Christian Ethics in a Post-Christian World (Fall/Winter 2010)

Making ethical decisions in a complex world can be difficult. In this issue of Contact Magazine, President Hollinger, Professor Patrick Smith, Dr. David Gill, and Dr. Eldin Villafañe, explore Christian ethics in a post-Christian society. Also, Pastor PoSan Ung and his ministry to Cambodian immigrants is profiled on On The Front Lines.

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On the Front Lines

Pastor PoSan Ung talks about "persevering" as he describes his church's ministry of evangelism
and discipleship to Cambodians in Lynn, Massachusetts.


What is Ethics All About?

Gordon-Conwell alumni share their thoughts in response to the question, "What seems to be the most recurrent ethical concern that you have faced in your ministry?"


A Framework for Bioethics

Medicine and technology have brought incredible gains to the human race, but at the same time raise some of the most difficult ethical questions humanity faces
in the 21st century.


Ethics in the Workplace

It doesn't take an academic survey or blue ribbon government commission to prove the point
that we have an ethics problem in the workplace and business world.


To Live in Justice

If there is a word that describes our times, it is the word "crisis." All crises are, in essence, moments of judgement - moments of searching for justice.


How to Make Ethics Decisions

We face many pressing ethical questions in our contemporary context that are difficult, and defy simple and unreflective responses.