Keynote Speakers

Dr. Paul BorthwickPaul Borthwick

Senior Consultant, Development Associates International; Urbana/ Missions Associate, InterVarsity Christian Fellowship

Paul and his wife, Christie, serve on the staff of Development Associates International (, a training group dedicated to the character and ministry development of leaders in the under-resourced world. Paul teaches missions at Gordon College and serves as an Urbana/ Missions Associate with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship. His ministry focuses on three priorities: mobilizing others for cross-cultural ministry, encouraging the ongoing growth of older leaders, and motivating the development of younger leaders. He serves as a resource person, teacher, speaker and author.
Paul and Christie’s ministry together focuses on encouraging leaders and developing “world Christians” in the church. During their twenty-two years of service on the staff of Grace Chapel (Lexington, MA) where Paul is ordained they coordinated over 100 short-term service teams that served all over the world. Through Development Associates International, they now spend two to four months each year in ministry in other countries, mostly in the “Global South.”


Pastor David ChoiDavid Choi

Lead Pastor, Church of the Beloved, Chicago

Pastor David Choi has ministered in many diverse contexts from Asian churches to multiethnic, inner city churches to overseas missions. He is a graduate of Wheaton College and Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary.

David is an active member of the Lausanne Movement for World Evangelization, a global congress of thousands of church and mission leaders from almost every country in the world. He is an international speaker, having spoken in countries throughout Asia, Europe and New Zealand. He has also spoken in many top universities, including Cornell, the University of Chicago, MIT, Wheaton and Harvard. Currently, he is the lead planter for the Church of the Beloved, located in the inner city of Chicago.


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