Lecture Series

The Cooley Center has sponsored a number of lectures on archaeology and Biblical studies in the past. You'll find those lectures on this page. Listen to them by clicking the mp3 audio links. To listen to the lectures in Firefox, Chrome, or Safari please download Quicktime. Listening from Explorer, please download iTunes

Ancient Mummies and New Technologies: Resurrecting the Words of the Bible (2012)

Dr. Scott Carroll

Director, The Green Collection
Ancient and Medieval Manuscripts Scholar         

Scripture Then and Now (2011)

Dr. Michael W. Holmes

University Professor of Biblical Studies and Early Christianity at Bethel University


Jesus Wars? Listening for the early Church's Concensus About Christ (2010)

Dr. Donald M. Fairbairn

Robert E. Cooley Professor of Early Christianity at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary


Archaeology and the Historical Jesus (2010)

Dr. Craig A. Evans

Payzant Distinguished Professor of New Testament at Acadia Divinity College

The Exodus and Sinai Events (2009)

Dr. James K. Hoffmeier

Professor of Old Testament and Ancient Near Eastern History and Archaeology at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School


The Land of Israel From Archaeology to Theology (2009)

Dr. Robert E. Cooley

President Emeritus and former Professor of Biblical Studies and Archaeology of Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary


What Have They Done With Jesus (2008)

Dr. Ben Witherington, III

Amos Professor of New Testament for Doctoral Studies at Asbury Theological Seminary and on the doctoral faculty at St. Andrews University in Scotland

Early Christianity at Corinth (2007)

Dr. Russel P. Spittler

Former Provost Emeritus and Senior Professor of New Testament at Fuller Theological Seminary