2012 Missions Conference - "Unavoidable Global Realities"

The world has changed. We are living in a time of tremendous challenge and opportunity. No matter where God calls us, as citizens in His global Kingdom, as those who share His heart, these are the unavoidable realities under which we live.

"Unavoidable Global Realities," the 2012 Missions Conference at Gordon-Conwell, explored some of most critical issues facing the global church today. Our keynote speakers, Dr. Paul Borthwick (M.Div. '80, D.Min. '07) and Pastor David Choi (M.Div. '00), led us in fruitful reflection on the deep needs of the world and the opportunities for God's people to respond to those needs. Below you will find video highlights from the keynote sessions of the conference.

Paul Borthwick: Around the World in 30 Minutes


David Choi: Reaching the Nations by Reaching our Cities, Reflections of an Urban Church Planter 


David Choi: Unavoidable Realities, Unchanging Promises 


The missions conference was actually just beginning of the conversation, launching a six-part, year-long series of events designed to further explore these unavoidable global realities. Through these monthly gatherings, we explored the topics mentioned below.

Our prayer and hope is that we might enter into our Father’s world with eyes wide open, with a spirit of deep humility, with an eagerness to learn and grow and serve, and with a readiness to bring the gospel to bear in every corner of the earth, until the whole earth is filled with the knowledge of God, even as the waters cover over the seas (Isaiah 11:9).

For more information, please contact Kristin Gelinas, Global Programs Administrator.

J. Christy Wilson, Jr. Center for World Missions