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If this is your first time, start with our weekly podcast - Preaching Points. If you’re looking for more in-depth conversation and instruction on preaching, check out PulpitTalk, our quarterly CD journal on preaching. For those who are just starting out in the study of preaching, you will benefit from spending a few days with our faculty at the Preachers' College. And if you would like help on a sermon you are currently preparing or have recently preached, check out Sermon Doctor Rx.

PulpitTalk PulpitTalk is a quarterly audio journal designed to give you a fresh look at sermon preparation by covering a wide variety of topics. Sermon Doctor RX Sermon Doctor Rx gives you the opportunity to have someone skilled in homiletics evaluate your sermon.
National Preaching Conference The National Preaching Conference provides inspiration and instruction for excellence in biblical preaching. Preachers' College Preachers' College equips you with essential preaching tools through a multi-day interactive seminar.
Preaching Points Preaching Points is a weekly podcast that points preachers to preaching excellence.
Preach Up
PreachUp is a 3-day seminar which equips seminary-trained pastors with deeper homiletical training.
Builders Series Builders Series: Preaching provides sermons and instruction on sermon preparation through audio CDs.
Pulpit Supply
PulpitSupply connects churches and preachers.
A.J. Gordon A.J. Gordon Guild is a doctoral-level study program in relationship with the London School of Theology. Th.M. in Preaching A Th.M. in Preaching offers continuing instruction on homiletics for those holding a M.Div. degree. To learn more, watch this video.
Sermon Links
Links to other websites with useful resources on preaching.

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