Why Theology Matters (Spring 2011)

Theology tends to get a bad rap in evangelical circles. But this issue of Contact Magazine explores why theology matters with thoughtful articles by Professor Peter Anders, Dr. Gwenfair Adams, Dr. Sean McDonough, and Dr. Jack Davis. Other articles include a discussion on the pressing issue of domestic violence in the church and how the Gospel plays a part in public discourse.

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On the Front Lines

Domestic violence is an important issue in the church. But some churches are tackling the issue with the help of the RAVE Project.


What is Theology?

Defining what theology actually is may not be as simple as it first seems. Professor Anders explores the depth and complexity of faith seeking understanding.


Theology & Spiritual Formation

When intellectual problems and ethical conundrums and psychological challenges collide, it can be helpful to have a strong theological grid integrated into the core of one’s thinking.


The Bible & Theology

Tertullian framed the tension between philosophy and religion
by asking, “What has Athens to
do with Jerusalem?” We might
ask ourselves, “What has the
Bible to do with theology?”


The Role of Theology

"What is the role of theology in the life of the church?" Some busy pastors in American churches today might be tempted to answer, "Honestly, not much."


The Wisdom of The Gospel

The loss of wisdom as a theological category in the public square has too often meant that our differences are always interpreted as fundamental conflicts, rather than as tactical differences that might be sorted out.