Hope Against All Odds (Spring 2012)

In a world of sin and hurt, hope easily dissipates when faced with tragedy, economic hardship, illness or betrayal. Dr. Ed Keazirian, Dr. Carol Kaminski, Dr. Roy Ciampa and Dr. Karen Mason offer their take on true hope in all circumstances. Other articles include alumni reflections on hope, and a story of God’s providence in poverty-stricken Madagascar.

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Hope in the Desert

On an island in the Indian Ocean off the coast of East Africa, two Gordon-Conwell D.Min. graduates are ministering to the poorest of the poor.


True Hope You Can Take to the

In tough economic times, we can rest on the security of hope proclaimed throughout Scripture—true hope that relies on God’s sovereignty and goodness, and trusts in his ability to provide and deliver.


In the Furnace of Affliction: Lessons from the Life of Daniel

How will we handle affliction when the crises of life come knocking at our door? Reflecting on the life of Daniel challenges us to know God and to seek him in prayer.


Joy in a Prison Cell

Paul, motivated by the promise of the ultimate victory of resurrection life and glory, maintained tenacious faith and joy in the midst of trials.


Hope for the Wounded

Sadly it is the case that some well-meaning pastors who intend to comfort the afflicted end up distancing them from the God they thought was compassionate.


Alumni on Hope

Three alumni offer personal reflections on hope in the midst of sudden tragedy, loss and grieving.