Faith Under Fire (Spring 2013)

In the midst of our greatest challenges, trials and times of despair, we know that our greatest hope is in Christ, our steadfast, merciful, faithful Lord. In this issue of Contact, alumna Danielle Durant and Drs. Aida Spencer, Todd Johnson, Frank James III and Donald Fairbairn discuss the theme of “Faith Under Fire,” offering their take on the suffering and faithfulness of Christians throughout history and in our present age.

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An Anchor Through the Storms of Sandy Hook

Pastor Rob Morris (M.Div., MABL ’07) responded in his faith when his congregation was deeply affected by the sudden, senseless December shooting in Newtown, CT.


The 1st Century Church: The Unstoppable Faith that Changed the World

Without modern transportation or communication and amid ruthless persecution, men and women of 1st century Jerusalem faithfully spread the hope of Christ.


Persevering in Hope in a Challenging World

How do we help others see the hope of the gospel, and persevere in hope ourselves, in a world where the biblical view of God is constantly challenged?


The Demographics of Martyrdom

Throughout Christian history, across all traditions of Christianity, and in every part of the world, some 70 million Christians have been murdered for their faith.


The Living Gospel: The Church’s Historic Witness

Christian compassion has manifested in many ways down through the ages—from caring for the sick, poor and disenfranchised to strongly opposing injustice.


Athanasius: Two Aspects of Faithfulness Under Fire

The fortitude of 4th century Egyptian theologian and bishop of Alexandria, Athanasius, prevailed during the Christian church’s greatest theological crisis.