Making Disciples (Summer 2010)

This issue of Contact, Gordon-Conwell's ministry magazine, explores the immense value in Making Disciples. Examinations of the Great Commission and of the Old Testament emphasis on Scriptural study lay a biblical foundation. Gordon-Conwell's Pierce Center for Disciple Building and a graduate involved in discipleship ministry are profiled. And, in On the Front Lines, discipleship takes place amid a national disaster.

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God's Presence in Haiti

When the 7.0 magnitude earthquake struck Haiti on January 12, I was near the epicenter. I didn't realize it at the time, but God had protected us in a major way.

Jesus & Discipleship

The feet of Jesus

In the Great Commission following his atoning death and victorious resurrection, Jesus commands his disciples to lead others as disciples. What was Christ's distinctive approach to discipleship?


Learning Before the Throne

Thorn crown of JesusThere are many aspects of discipleship in the Old Testament. But what do God's commands to Israel and her kings in Deuteronomy have to do with us?

Discipleship in the Church

Each week, Rev. Greg Doll disciples 50 to 60 Presbyterian men before they go to work on Wall Street, to law offices or to other corporate posts.

Becoming Disciples of Christ

Gordon-Conwell exists for the purpose of preparing a new generation of students to become good soil for the extravagance of seed offered generously to us directly from the loving hands of the Sower, Jesus.


Spiritual Formation

Several students discuss what spiritual formation means in the context of life as a seminary student as part of the Pierce Center for Disciple-Building.