Unavoidable Global Realities: Islam with Dr. Joseph Cumming

Joseph CummingMonday, November 5, 2012

A video recording of this lecture will soon be made available on this page.

Joseph Cumming is the Director of the Yale Center for Faith and Culture's Reconciliation Program at Yale University Divinity School. The program seeks to promote reconciliation between Muslims and Christians, drawing on the resources of the Abrahamic faith and the teachings and persons of Jesus.

Dr. Cumming has been involved in high profile Muslim-Christian dialogue in several nations around the world. Join us for an opportunity to interact with one of the leading experts on one of the most important topics of our day.


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Students with a particular interest in Islam may want to explore Gordon-Conwell’s Islamic Studies Track, which is offered as part of our Master of Arts in World Missions and Evangelism degree program. The program is directed by Dr. Paul Martindale, Adjunct Assistant Professor in Islamic Studies and Cross-Cultural Ministries.

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