“Do you yearn to journey deeper into God’s Word – to grasp the big picture in a way that makes sense of all of its parts? Learn how to engage Scripture in three ways: paying attention to details “in the text,” understanding the cultural and historical background “behind the text,” and considering the implications and impact “in front of the text.” BibleJourney offers pathways to learn the content of the Bible, practice proper principles of interpretation and application, and opportunities to engage others in Bible study. 

BibleJourney uses seminary faculty and graduates to guide your learning. The program uses rich visuals to illustrate Bible background, with video and images from Iraq, Iran, Syria, Lebanon, Israel, Jordan, Egypt, Turkey, Greece and Rome. The program offers tracks for certification as well as supplementary learning events such as study tours to the lands of the Bible.

Our Mission

As an outreach of Gordon-Conwell's Biblical Literacy Project, BibleJourney seeks to train Christian believers and congregations to understand, interpret, apply and teach the Bible. This mission reflects the seminary’s focus on providing evangelical churches with tools to help them “handle accurately the Word of God” (2 Timothy 2:15). These tools result in more effective kingdom service and biblical discernment for a host of denominations and independent movements within evangelical Christianity.

Our Vision

At Gordon-Conwell, we envision creating a generation of believers who:

  • Understand Scripture in its own context
  • Know how to interpret Scripture
  • Can apply Scripture in contemporary culture

This vision includes the education and certification of qualified Bible teachers who can effectively minister in local and parachurch settings. Click here for curriculum information.

Course Levels

Auditor (Level 1):

Auditors attend classes but are not required to complete assignments. This level will provide the student with skills to think critically, contextually and historically about Scripture. (Scholarship Information)

Cost: $125 per course

Credit Bearing (Level 2):

Credit bearing students are expected to attend classes, participate in a 30 minute discussion group, and to complete all assignments. This level offers certification of competency in principles of Bible interpretation, and scope/depth of Bible survey knowledge. Students completing assignments satisfactorily can receive graduate credit for certification.  (Scholarship Information)

Cost: $200 per course | Churches are encouraged to subsidize the cost for their participants.

Our Current Courses 

Click the course name for more information.

Journey through the New Testament (Charlotte, NC) - Spring Term








Hebrews through Revelation

Mark Poe

04/09/15 - 05/21/15

Thursdays at 6:30 p.m.

Lake Forest Church
8519 Gilead Road
Huntersville, NC



Journey through the Old Testament begins this September on the Charlotte campus with Dr. Tim Laniak.

Watch for details for online streaming enrollment!



How Do I Begin?


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Scholarship Information

Adele Jordan
14542 Choate Circle
Charlotte, NC 28273,
(704) 527-9909