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Semlink at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary Assignments and Examinations

Taking and Submitting Exams

Exams are made available in Sakai, the online learning platform where you will access your course.  Login information for these exams will be sent directly to an approved proctor of your choosing who presides over your exam and its submission back to the Semlink office.  See your syllabus for more information about who can proctor an exam.

Electronic Submission of Assignments (Preferred Method)

All other Semlink coursework (e.g., research papers) can be submitted electronically through the Sakai Drop Box feature, and this is the preferred submission method.  The Semlink office and/or your professor will retrieve your work automatically from Sakai.  Additional information about how to use the Drop Box feature will appear in your Sakai course site.  Always remember to attach a full heading or cover sheet to any assignment you submit, including your name, student number, course and the title of the assignment.

Mailing or Dropping off Assignments

It is also possible to send hard copies of any assignments to the Semlink Office at the address below, or to drop them off in person at our office (3rd floor of the Academic Center, Hamilton campus).

Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary
Attn: Semlink
130 Essex Street
South Hamilton, MA 01982

Please note that the date of the postmark on the envelope (or the day you drop it off in the Semlink Office if done in person) is the date assigned to the completion of the assignment. If your course due date is December 1, the postmark must be on or before December 1. In the event that a course due date falls on a Sunday or a U.S. postal holiday, the course deadline is extended to the following business day.