Semlink at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary Assignments and Examinations


All Semlink+ coursework (e.g., research papers) will be submitted electronically through Sakai.


Exams are made available in Sakai, the online learning platform where you will access your course.  Login information for these exams will be sent directly to an approved proctor of your choosing who presides over your exam. The following policy may appear in your syllabus:.

Your proctor must be someone who works for a church or volunteers for a church in an officially recognized capacity (pastor, elder, ministry leader, office administrator, etc.), a library or a school. Your proctor cannot be a member of your family or a current Gordon-Conwell student. Your proctor should be present throughout the time you are taking the exam.
The student will need to identify a suitable proctor and submit his/her name and email address to the Education Support Services office via the proctor registration form before each exam. The Educational Support Services office will then email your proctor login information for your exam so he/she can help you login at the time when you take the exam. Please submit your proctor information to the Educational Support Services office at least 2 business days before you plan to take the exam. Check with libraries in advance for special summer and holiday hours.