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Below, you will find a list of Semlink+ courses that are currently being offered, along with syllabi when available (click here for more information about course formats).

Note that these are preview syllabi, and they are subject to change.  Syllabi may change slightly in their final version, so be sure to double-check requirements when a class officially opens a week before its start date.


Spring 2016 (January 25-May 2)


CH501 The Church to the Reformation
Instructor: Dr. Vyacheslav Lytvynenko* Designer: Dr. Donald Fairbairn

The Church Since the Reformation
 Instructor: Dr. Ryan Reeves                    Designer: Dr. Ryan Reeves

EM/MC605 Introduccion a Estudios Teologicos
Instructors: Dr. Alvin Padilla/Mr. Juan Morales   Designers: Dr. Alvin Padilla/Mr. Juan Morales  
Coming Soon
ET501 Christian Ethics
Instructor: Dr. Esther Bruland                               Designer: Dr. Dennis Hollinger
GL501 Greek I
Instructor: Dr. Mark Jennings                               Designer: Dr. Mark Jennings
Coming Soon
MC/SF501 Spiritual Formation for Ministry
Instructor: Dr. Steven Klipowicz                           Designer: Dr. Steven Klipowicz
Coming Soon
NT501 New Testament Survey
Instructor: Dr. Drake Williams                               Designer: Dr. Rollin Grams
NT504 Paul and His Letters
Instructor: Dr. Mark Jennings                               Desinger: Dr. Mark Jennings
Coming Soon
OT500 Old Testament Survey
Instructor: Dr. Douglas Stuart                              Designer: Dr. Douglas Stuart
PC511 Pastoral Counseling
Instructor: Jeremy Ruckstaetter                           Designers: Dr. Karen Mason/Dr. Ray Pendleton
TH501 Theology Survey I
Instructor: Dr. Kirsten Sanders                             Designer: Dr. Donald Fairbairn
Coming Soon
TH502 Theology Survey II
Instructor: Dr. Adonis Vidu                                 Designer: Dr. Adonis Vidu
TH641 Theology of Luther and Calvin
Instructor: Dr. Ryan Reeves                               Designer: Dr. Ryan Reeves
WM601 World Mission of the Church
Instructor: Dr. Xiyi Yao                                       Designer: Dr. Xiyi Yao

*Vyacheslav Lytvynenko is a former student of Dr. Fairbairn and has translated two of Dr. Fairbairn's books into Russian.

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