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MC601H: CCCC Denominational Standards

Teaching Fellow

Jairus HallumsMy name is Jay Hallums. Consider me your virtual tutor for this course. I'm at your disposal for questions and guidance regarding course material and interactivity. Speaking of which, don't forget to start your interactivity early! Use the Conversation Starter link on the right to begin the process.

Please email me anytime with questions.

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Lecturing and Mentoring Professor

Rev. Nicholas GranitsasRev. Nicholas Granitsas

Pastor, First Congregational Church of Revere
Revere, Massachusetts, USA

Rev. Nicholas Granitsas has pastored the First Congregational Church of Revere, Massachusetts, since 1974. His vision is to reach out to the urban, transitional communities that make up Revere.

Since the 1800s, Revere has been populated largely by first and second generation immigrants, presenting continuing challenges for the Revere church over the years. Rev. Granitsas and his congregation have welcomed these challenges with great passion. Over the span of his work in Revere, Italian and Irish immigrant communities have been replaced by Cambodian and Hispanic groups, but the church's ministry still takes place in a polyglot community. The work is "totally different and totally the same." As part of its ongoing effort to be a stable presence in a changing community, the Revere church has helped to plant two ethnically centered churches in the area and has sought to cooperate with various Catholic and Protestant ministries in the city.

Rev. Granitsas was also blessed to serve as president of the Conservative Congregational Christian Conference from 2004-2008. During this period, the CCCC saw new life lent to its church multiplication movement, and several new congregations were planted around the country. The CCCC also turned new eyes to church redevelopment during this time. According to Rev. Granitsas, this ministry helps existing churches that may have lost their zest to "catch a fresh vision for themselves."

Rev. Granitsas has been married 38 years to his wife, Joan, a pediatric nurse practitioner. They have seven grown children and have fostered twenty-eight children from various backgrounds. For fifteen years, they had between nine and twelve children living in their home at all times. Rev. Granitsas sums their experience up by saying, "My greatest hobby would be my family."

Contact Information:

There is a team of course instructors available to assist you as you progress through your Semlink course. Please contact Rev. Granitsas as your mentoring professor if you have questions about actual course content or about suggested supplemental reading.

Rev. Nicholas G. Granitsas
130 Essex Street
South Hamilton, MA 01982


Rev. Nicholas G. Granitsas
First Congregational Church
230 Beach Street
Revere, MA 02151
fax: 781-284-1580

Phone: (781) 284-4158
Email: ngranitsas@firstcongrevere.org

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