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MM501 & MM502

What is Mentored Ministry?

Mentored Ministry is the field experience aspect of your seminary education.  Mentored by an experienced pastor or Christian worker, you will have the opportunity to practice in a traditional parish and/or specialized ministry setting.

Each student enrolled in the Master of Divinity program is expected to complete six units of Mentored Ministry. Each student in the Master of Arts in Educational Ministries is expected to complete four units of Mentored Ministry. There are a variety of opportunities by which this requirement may be fulfilled. Mentored Ministry experience is an academic requirement.

Students who elect to begin their seminary program in the Semlink component are permitted, prior to residency on campus, to take up to two units of Mentored Ministry in their present location.


How long does the Mentored Ministry experience take?

  1. Students are expected to invest approximately 10 hours per week in ministry (including preparation time, which may not exceed 50% of the required hours) over the 12-week period in which they are enrolled in the Mentored Ministry program.
  2. Please note that the first field unit of Mentored Ministry must be taken in conjunction with or after the course Spiritual Formation for Ministry (MC/SF501).  EM604 is an acceptable substitute for MC/SF501 for students in the MAME program.


Who can be my Mentor?

The minimum requirements for mentorship are five years of full-time ministry experience and one-time attendance at our Mentor Orientation for those within driving range of the school.  Since ministry opportunities and organizations vary, ordination of mentors, though preferable, is not required.  Click here for an application to mentor.

How do I get started?

Please see the Semlink Mentored Ministry Manual for detailed instructions on how to have your mentor and your ministry project approved, then register online.


Contact Information:

Director, Mentored Ministry Program

Dr. Katherine Kyte Horvath
130 Essex Street
South Hamilton, MA 01982
Phone: (978) 646-4119
Email: khorvath@gcts.edu

Dr. Raymond Pendleton

Mentoring Professor

Dr. Raymond Pendleton
130 Essex Street
South Hamilton, MA 01982
Phone: (978) 646-4108
Email: rpendleton@gcts.edu

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