Semlink at Gordon-Conwell Theological SeminaryPass/Fail Petitions

Pass/Fail Petitions for Semlink+ courses must be submitted to the registration office at your home campus by 4 weeks after your start date in order be considered.

The following information is taken from pp. 71-72 of the Student Handbook in the Academic Policies and Information Section.

Students may elect to pass/fail grading in courses according to the guidelines published below. A total of four such courses are allowed in the M.Div. Program, and two in all other Gordon-Conwell degree programs (with the exception of the Th.M. program which allows no pass/fails). This number includes such courses as MC550, Ministry in a Rural Context, certain BTI courses and other offerings that are graded on a pass/fail (or satisfactory/unsatisfactory) basis. This number does not include denominational standards courses. Students are advised to plan ahead, as this limit, including such courses, cannot be exceeded. Furthermore, students who elect to use more than two pass/fail options within a degree program (excluding denominational standards courses) will not be eligible for graduation honors (e.g. Cum Laude, etc.).

The Maximum number of pass/fails allowed will be reduced for students who have received more than fifteen hours of transfer, shared, and/or advanced standing credits. Students receiving sixteen to thirty hours of credit will lose one pass/fail, while those receiving thirty-four hours or more will lose two. Furthermore, students who transfer in courses that were graded on a pass/fail or satisfactory/unsatisfactory basis will lose one pass/fail for each of these courses.

Students must request pass/fail grading in writing at the Registration Office by the dates announced in the academic calendar. The election of pass/fail grading is irrevocable after the stated deadlines. Faculty members will submit the grade earned (A+ through F), and the Registration Office will convert grades of "D-" or better to "pass." Pass/fail courses will not be computed in determining the cumulative grade point average except when failed.

No more than half of the course requirements within a teaching area (NT, ET, etc.) may be taken Pass/Fail.  This does not include Greek and Hebrew language courses. Students who have Pass/Fails available may take all of their language classes on a Pass/Fail basis.