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Teaching Fellow Recommended Books

Apologetics to the Glory of God
By John Frame (P& R)

Probably the most "user friendly" apologetics book you've ever read.


Choosing My Religion
By R. C. Sproul (Baker)

R.C. Sproul evaluates the only two foundations for belief: favorite-flavor-ice-cream truth (one religion is as good as another, so pick one that works for you) and jelly-bean-total truth (only one ultimate truth can fit you into the reality that really is real). These are the options--R.C. provides good help at arriving at sound answers to life's big questions. Very popular with high school students.


Christianity and the Nature of Science: A Philosophic Investigation
By J. P. Moreland (Baker)

Are science and Christianity inherently incompatible? Is creation science a contradiction in terms? A pioneering and impressive contribution to the integration of Christianity and science.


Evangelical Ethics
By John Jefferson Davis (P&R)

Issues Facing the Church Today--homosexuality, abortion, euthanasia, reproduction and world population, divorce and remarriage, capital punishment, war and peace, civil disobedience and revolution, etc. Clear, biblical investigations.


The Evangelical Forfeit
By John Seel (Baker)

An insightful--even if distressing--analysis of contemporary evangelicalism. After surveying the evidence Seel concludes that we are too political, too modern, and too ineffective. We have lost focus and have become irrelevant. His call for a return to Christian fundamentals--in the words of C.S. Lewis, to be "merely Christian"--is a welcome note. He surveys the contemporary evangelical scene well, analyzes it accurately, and offers the right solution. Good reading.


Give Me Neither Poverty Nor Riches
By Craig Blomberg (Eerdmans)

A NT theology of material possessions.


God in the Wasteland
By David Wells

A biblical response to the compromise with modernity now infecting today's evangelical church.


The Great Divide
By Gerard Berghoef and Lester DeKoster

Shows that the philosophy of evolution cannot be combined with the teaching of the Bible.


Losing Our Virtue: Why the Church Must Recover Its Moral Vision
By David Wells

As society's ethical standards fall lower and lower, the church must stand as a moral bulwark. Well's new book shows us what's at stake in the battle for America's soul.


The New Atheism and the Erosion of Freedom
By Robert Morey (P&R)

"How to recognize and combat the hidden influence of secular humanism and unbelief in today's society." This book subjects secular humanism to a revealing critical analysis, exposing its atheistic roots and hidden agenda. Robert Morey shows how to challenge atheists with their own logical, ethical, and spiritual bankruptcy--and lead them into the truth of Scripture. "...excellent...readable and understandable...Morey reveals the fallacies and failures of materialistic atheism...must reading" (D. James Kennedy).


No Place for Truth; or, Whatever Happened to Evangelical Theology?
By David Wells

An acute and deeply disturbing diagnosis of theological disintegration in modern America. No thoughful evangelical dare ignore it." -- J. I. Packer


Pop Goes the Gospel
By John Blanchard (Evangelical Press)

Rock music in the church. A highly provocative and hard-hitting examination of the pop scene and the use of rock music in evangelism. A calm, balanced, thorough, and biblical look at the subject. Extremely relevant and highly recommended!


By Francis Beckwith and Gregory Koukl (Baker)

A critique of moral relativism and its inconsistencies and implications. Treats related subjects such as abortion, homosexuality, multiculturalism, political correctness, tolerance. Offers commonsense assistance to all who desire to understand the modern challenges to the Christian faith and its moral system. Very popular with educators, church leaders, and students!


Scaling the Secular City: A Defense of Christianity
By J. P. Moreland (Baker)

"The most sophisticated apologetics book I have read. It lays out the issues, arguments, and counterarguments in a thorough way. Moreland's special strength lies in philosophy of science [see Christianity and the Nature of Science above], and the book makes a real advance in the interface between Christianity and science." --William Lane Craig


The Scandal of the Evangelical Mind
By Mark Noll (Baker)

Noll explores the decline of evangelical thought in North America and offers constructive insights for turning the situation around.


Spirit Wars: Pagan Revival in Christian America
By Peter Jones (P&R)

In just one generation, Judeo-Christian America has become an incubator of revived paganism. Behind the dazzling diversity of pro-choice culture--abortion rights, the homosexual agenda, radical feminism, the new spirituality, goddess worship and witchcraft--lies a coherent pagan spirituality bent on absolute control, intolerant of any truth but its own. A theological analysis of today's culture war.


Ultimate Issues
By R.C. Sproul (Baker)

Defend your view of ultimate reality and truth. Do you have one? You do, whether you have carefully thought about it or not. But will your philosophy stand up to logic and life's ultimate questions satisfactorily? Sit down with philosopher R. C. Sproul and a group of college students and listen to them share their ideas about: the relative value of human and animal life, a standard for decisions about rightness, the origin and "purpose" of everything, being acceptable to God. Thoughtful, stimulating dialogue! Popular with youth.


War: Four Christian Views
Edited by Robert Clouse

Biblical Nonresistance, Christian Pacifism, Just War, and Preventive War.


Welfare Reformed: A Compassionate Approach
Edited by David Hall (P&R)

Richard Neuhaus, David Hall, Doug Bandow, Michael Bauman, R.C. Sproul, R.C. Sproul Jr, George Grant, E. Calvin Beisner, and F. Edward Payne join forces to expose today's welfare system but only to demonstrate the more helpful Biblical alternative.


Teaching Fellow Recommended Web Links

Apologetics Index

Provides research resources on religious cults and sects; new religious movements; alternative religions; apologetics, anticult, and countercult organizations; doctrines; religious practices and world views. These resources reflect a variety of theological and/or sociological perspectives.


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