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Spencer Kyle JohnsonSpencer Kyle Johnson

Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary
Semlink Teaching Fellow for Theology

Biographical Information:

Spencer Johnson (or, Kyle, as most know him) is a full-time Master of Divinity Student at the Hamilton campus. He grew up in Chattanooga, Tennessee, but has lived in the Northeast for about 5 years now.

He plans to pursue further education after his MDiv and to pursue a ministry in teaching; he is especially interested in teaching outside of the United States. His main interests are early Christian theology, theology & social ethics and theological dialogue between Protestantism and Eastern Orthodoxy. His greatest loves outside of theology are drinking tall glasses of sweet tea, exploring new places, listening to music constantly and spending quality time with good friends.

Semlink Teaching Fellow for:

Theology Survey I
Theology Survey II
Systematic Theology I
Systematic Theology II
Systematic Theology III
Theology of Jonathan Edwards
Contemporary Theology and Theologians

Contact Information:

There is a team of course instructors available to assist you as you progress through your Semlink course. Please contact your Teaching Fellow (semlink.theology@gcts.edu) if you have questions about interactivity requirements, online discussion forums or the email-based conversation starters.

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