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Biblical Studies

This site has links to many helpful New Testament resources.

Analytikon offers tools for reviewing the basics of New Testament Greek grammar and vocabulary.

Bible Gateway offers searches within most English translations.  You can also can narrow your search to a particular book, etc. Results can be shown in context or as a list of references. (See also http://www.crosswalk.com)





Church History

General Studies

The Doctors of the Catholic Church Homepage
A very helpful website with brief biographies of many Catholic saints along with links for further study.

Christian Classics Ethereal Library
An ever-increasing free database of original documents from across the Christian tradition hosted by Calvin College.

Hall of Church History
This is a very well-designed website full of portals to many church history sites. It is particularly useful since church history is divided into chronological and topical groups for faster reference.

Christian History Institute
Designed especially with education in mind, this site provides brief descriptions of historical figures, events, and ideas for the non-historian.

Theology Website: Church History Study Helps
Beginning with the Greco-Roman backdrop of Christianity, this site is a sort of Cliff’s Notes version of history up to the Reformation.

The Ecole Initiative
This site is dedicated to presenting original source material from the early church up to the Reformation on-line, along with helpful summary essays.


Early Church Studies

Early Christian Writings
A much more focused version of CCEL, this site provides early church documents including canonical scripture and apocrypha and writings of church fathers up to the middle of the third century.

Church Fathers
Comparable to Early Christian Writings, but this site has much more extensive works of the church fathers, including creeds and confessions, as well as non-Western and heretical documents.

The Gnosis Archive
The historical development of this ancient heresy is catalogued from its earliest days up to the present. Very useful for understanding the heresy as it once was and how it survives today.

The Tertullian Project
A collection of Tertullian’s works along with a bibliography of secondary literature.

St. John Damascene
A brief biography of the saint along with a description of his writings, particularly centered on his role in the iconoclastic controversies.



Internet Medieval Sourcebook
A comprehensive site that provides original documents for both the Eastern and Western church, including creeds, hagiographies, mystical and theological works from the early church up to and including the Protestant Reformation.

This site is a portal to websites pertaining to many aspects of Medieval culture, both religious and secular.

Theology Library
A collection of essays and documents from the Catholic perspective on a wide variety of topics.

The Labyrinth
Hosted by Georgetown, this site contains a wide range of links on topics from theology to furniture.



The John Calvin Center
This site is used to sell a CD-Rom containing all of the writings of John Calvin. There are some other useful links on this page, however.

The Meeter Center
Hosted by Calvin Theological Seminary, this site is the home for the Calvin Studies Society. It has some useful information, and is designed more for in-depth research.

The Protestant Reformation
A collection of links to documents pertinent to the Lutheran, Reformed, Anglican, Scottish, and Radical portions of the Reformation along with links to other sites and some secondary literature.

The History of Protestantism
A three-volume history of the Reformation written by a nineteenth century historian.

The Wittenberg Project
A collection of Luther’s writings along with a biography written by Melanchthon and the sermon preached at Luther’s funeral, as well as material from other theologians in the Lutheran tradition and links to Luther study sites.

Huguenot History
A brief history of the French Calvinists from the time of the Reformation through their settlement in America.



Fire and Ice: Puritan and Reformed Writings
This site contains a vast array of Puritan literature, including poems, sermons, and some secondary literature.

Pilgrim’s Page: a John Bunyan Archive
This site contains many of Bunyan’s writings beyond simply Pilgrim’s Progress.

Scottish Preachers’ Hall of Fame
A collection of biographies on Scottish preachers, as well as links to other sites related to the Reformed tradition.

United Methodist History
Provides access to some of Wesley’s documents and other documents pertinent to the Methodist tradition, along with information on Methodism outside America and other links.

The Wesleys and Their Times
A collection of primary and secondary source materials on John, Charles, and Susanna Wesley.

The Spurgeon Archive
Everything you might ever possibly want to know about C.H. Spurgeon is contained on this page.

Commentary on Kierkegaard
Just as it claims, this site offers a commentary on Kierkegaard’s work. Also has some links and bibliography.

Soren Kierkegaard
A very helpful summary of some of the main areas of Kierkegaard’s thought.

Martin Buber Homepage
This site quickly describes the twentieth-century Jewish philosopher-theologian’s work and has a list of secondary literature and a web forum for discussion.

Karl Barth
A comprehensive bibliography of Barth’s works and secondary sources.

Emil Brunner
Bibliography of Brunner’s works and secondary literature.

Rudolf Bultmann
Bibliography of Bultmann’s works and secondary literature.

Dietrich Bonhoeffer
This is a page dedicated by the US Holocaust Memorial Museum to describe Bonhoeffer’s anti-Nazi work.

Dietrich Bonhoeffer Home Page
An up-to-date page with Bonhoeffer news and links for further study and even travel.

Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones
Dedicated to one of the early evangelicals, this site provides a biography, sermons, articles, as well as secondary literature on this influential Anglican of the twentieth century.

The C.S. Lewis Foundation
Highly informative, this site has a current calendar of Lewis-related events, a biography, and further opportunities for study, including some study abroad programs.

Into the Wardrobe: A C.S. Lewis site
This site contains web forums for discussion about Lewis, links to other Lewis sites, and an extensive bibliography of primary and secondary source material.

Alpha Ralpha Boulevard: C.S. Lewis
Provides links to other sites and a bibliography of Lewis’ works and secondary commentary.

The Shelter: Featuring the Works of Francis Schaeffer
Schaeffer was one of the most significant apologists of the modern era. This site contains some of his shorter writings, a description of his accomplishments, and links for further study.

Postmodern Theology
A Christian site designed to aid those who minister in the postmodern world, this site contains links to help understand the breadth of postmodernism, as well as how it impacts the church.



The Cotton Mather Home Page
A simply designed site with writings by and about Mather and links to other Mather information.

The Major Works of C.G. Finney
A comprehensive list of Finney’s sermons and lectures. Also provides biographical and bibliographical information.

The Origins of the Pentecostal Movement
Home for the Holy Spirit Research Center, this site provides a history of the Pentecostal movement.

The Fundamentals
This site contains various articles from this four volume set that was so pivotal in the modernist-fundamentalist discussion.

B.B. Warfield
A bibliography containing original sources and secondary literature about this influential late-19th and early-20th century Princeton theologian.

Carl F.H. Henry
A list of books and articles by and about one of the founding fathers of the Evanglical movement in America.


Non-Western Christianity

Greek Orthodox Church
A portal with links to diocesan websites, monasteries, and other educational material affiliated with the Greek Orthodox Church.

Ecclesia-Website of the Church of Greece
Homepage of the Greek Orthodox Church in English.

Myriobiblos Library
Online library hosted by the Greek Orthodox Church with a variety of writings, mostly in English, on topics pertinent to Eastern theology and history.

St. Nicholas Russian Orthodox Church
A website hosted by a Russian Orthodox Church in Dallas, TX. Contains links that explain some of the theology behind Eastern traditions.

Indian Christianity
A comprehensive site that catalogs distinctive aspects of the Indian tradition of Christianity, but also provides information about the interaction and work of Western traditions in India.

Christianity in India
A very concise, yet informative page that clearly explains the history of Christianity in India from its beginning to the present.



Contains news, christian articles concerning various subjects, a discussion forum, and links to additional sites.

Marriage Partnership Magazine
Contains articles about various marriage and family subjects.

Christian Education Journal
Contains free articles from the journal on this website.

This is a Christian website with diverse resources and activities. It contains online commentaries, concordances, Bible dictionaries, Encyclopedias, lexicons, history, primary sources such as Josephus and the Pseudepigrapha, and more. There are also Christianity-related news items and articles relevant to contemporary Christian living.

Like the previous sites, it includes various study aids. It has a wide selection of links to other interesting sites from business to personal growth, education, art, family, churches, etc. This site also contains a list of clean jokes and cartoons.



Religion Online
Full texts by recognized scholars, more than 4,700 articles and chapters; Evangelicalism, fundamentalism, liberalism, neo-orthodoxy, post-liberalism, social issues, biblical studies, etc.

Creeds, confessions, catechisms

The Library of Calvinism and Reformed Faith
Articles, downloadable reference files, contemporary articles, etc.

Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry
Includes a dictionary of theology, Christian issues, creeds and confessions; apologetics links; and answers to questions about doctrine

Internet Theologian
A "teach yourself" tutorial to develop Internet information skills for theology

Theological Studies.org
Information, news, and articles

Center for Reformed Theology and Apologetics
Information on Reformed theology, apologetics, current issues, etc.

The Library of Calvinism and Reformed Faith
Articles, downloadable reference files, contemporary articles, etc.

Links, databases, etc.


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