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Writing Center

Purpose: To maintain a tutoring center at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary in order to provide seminary students with the opportunity to improve their skills in English communication.  

Mission: To enhance ministry training by fostering improved English communication skills.

Rationale: The training provided by the seminary, intended to produce ministers and teachers of the gospel, must be applied by seminarians in forms of written and spoken communication. These are not only essential to students’ academic success, but their ability to communicate the gospel effectively. English fluency has become an essential component of communication worldwide. Thus, the ability to write clearly and skillfully in English is unquestionably a ministerial skill.

Many students lack experience in writing at the graduate level in English. Often, they have difficulty with grammar, syntactical or thematic structure, and the basic forms and formalities of academic writing.   

The vision for The Writing Center is fivefold:

  • To provide advanced training in English communication to help seminary students
  • To afford individualized assistance to international students in writing academic papers
  • To promote the exchange of skills and mutual encouragement within the GCTS community
  • To increase opportunities for cross-cultural learning and friendships
  • To provide practice in ESL teaching for global ministry

A drop-in center has been in operation in the GCTS Academic Center for the past two years providing help in developing English writing skills through proof-reading and critiquing papers, explaining points of grammar, help in editing and rewriting short papers, and longer papers by appointment. Students are referred by professors or self-referred. Oversight has been provided by Dr. Hung-Soo Park. Maud Sandbo has provided staff and coordination, with the assistance of one volunteer tutor per semester. Over 30 students were helped during the first semester, for over 150 tutor hours in all. Students have reported increased confidence, improved comprehension and grammatical proficiency and higher grades in both written and oral assignments.

Present Staff:

Maud Sandbo, Writing Center Coordinator
(416) 928-1147 (Toronto)

  • Over 30 years experience in various methods and formats of teaching from elementary to graduate level, including ESL and basic adult literacy
  • Former Assistant Director of New Haven Reads
  • Established free tutoring program for all ages, serving 300 students per week
  • Developed effective free learning programs for at-risk populations

Assistant Tutors:

  • Former:  Bethany Anderson, James Benson (occasional)
  • Current:  Robin (Mrs. Jack) Davis

Advisor: Dr. Joshua Hung-Soo Park