Accreditation Self Study

We would like for you all to become aware that as a school we are approaching our upcoming decennial self-study that is mandated by NEASC (New England Association of Schools and Colleges) and ATS (Association of Theological Schools). NEASC and ATS are two accrediting agencies whose representatives will be visiting our campus in November of 2015 for one week in order to assess the Seminary. At that time we will need to produce for them a documented self-study of the school.

Every ten years, NEASC and ATS mandate that schools and colleges go through a self-study with a threefold purpose:

  • first, to describe how the institution has been fulfilling its stated mission;
  • second, what are the plans and goals of the institution towards improvement; and
  • thirdly, what steps have been put into action in implementing these changes and improvements resulting in an overall assessment of the institution.

We see the upcoming assessment as a blessing and opportunity to grow as a seminary. With God's guidance it is always wise to ask "Why are we doing what we're doing and can we do it better?" Gordon-Conwell is a place where future Christian leaders ought to receive the best possible training for ministry and where they learn to “Think Theologically, Engage Globally and Live Biblically.”

Please click on the categories below for review and feedback. You are welcome to comment on each chapter or a select few.

1. Purpose, Planning, and Evaluation
2. Institutional Integrity and Public Disclosure
3. The Theological Curriculum: Learning, Teaching, and Research
4. Library and Information Resources
5. Faculty
6. Student Recruitment, Admission, Services, and Placement
7. Authority and Governance
8. Institutional Resources