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    Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary
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    (978) 468-7111
    Hours: 8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. M-F


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Heidi O'Connor, Manager 978-646-4047 hoconnor@gcts.edu
Hamilton (Main Campus) 978-646-4038 admrep@gcts.edu
Boston 617-427-7293 cumeinfo@gcts.edu
Charlotte 704-527-9909 charinfo@gcts.edu
Jacksonville 904-354-4800 jaxinfo@gcts.edu
Advancement Office      
Advancement 978-646-4070 stewardship@gcts.edu
Bill Fisher, Planned Giving 978-646-4033 bfisher@gcts.edu
Neely Gaston, Charlotte Advancement 704-527-9909 ngaston@gcts.edu
Alumni Services    
Office 978-646-4148  
Business Office    
Jay Trewern, VP Finance & Operations/CFO 978-646-4035 dsmith@gcts.edu
Dorrie Smith, Assistant to the VP 978-646-4035 dsmith@gcts.edu
Campus Safety    
C. Dodge, Director 978-646-4180 cdodge@gcts.edu
Center for the Study of Global Christianity    
  978-468-2750 csgc@gcts.edu
Center for Preaching    
  978-646-4190 preaching@gcts.edu
Communications & Marketing Office    
Hamilton 978-646-4187 smessina@gcts.edu
Boston 617-427-7293  
Charlotte 704-527-9909  
Discipleship Initiative    
Rev. Thomas Pfizenmaier, Ph.D. 978-646-4210 tpfizenmaier@gcts.edu
Johanna Rowley 978-646-4121 jrowley1@gordonconwell.edu
Student Life Services    
Julie Nichols, Assistant Dean of Students 978-646-4062 jnichols@gcts.edu
Doctor of Ministry Office    
  978-646-4163 dmininfo@gcts.edu
Financial Aid    
Stacey Glidden, Director 978-646-4059 finaidinfo@gcts.edu
Global Education    
Mary Ann Hollinger   mhollinger@gcts.edu
Hispanic Ministries Program    
  (978) 646-4302 hispanicministries@gcts.edu
Jason E. Strzepek, Manager 978-646-4061 houserep@gcts.edu
Human Resources    
Robin Higle, VP of Organizational 

Effectiveness & Human Resources

978-646-4053 rhigle@gcts.edu
Information Technology    
Alex Koh, Director 978-646-4250 akoh@gcts.edu
Mentored Ministry    
Hamilton 978-646-4119 khorvath@gcts.edu
Boston 617-427-7293 telliott-hart@gordonconwell.edu
Charlotte/Jacksonville 704-527-9909 dnail@gcts.edu
Mockler Center    
  978-646-4098 mockler@gcts.edu
Nursery School    
Priscilla Sellers 978-646-4158 gcnurseryschool@gcts.edu
Partnership Program    
Erica Giovanniello (Hamilton) 978-646-4027 partnership@gcts.edu
Placement Department    
Katherine Horvath 978-646-4119 placement@gcts.edu
Pierce Center for Disciple-Building    
Steve Macchia 978-646-4028 piercecenter@gcts.edu
President's Office    
Mia Ertel 978-646-4030 mertel@gordonconwell.edu
Registration Office    
Hamilton Campus 978-646-4021 registration@gcts.edu
Boston Campus 617-427-7293 cumeinfo@gcts.edu
Charlotte Campus 704-940-5827 cha-registration@gcts.edu
Jacksonville Campus 904-354-4800 jaxregistration@gcts.edu
* For transcript questions, please contact the Hamilton Registration Office.
Digital Education Office 978-646-4198 digitaleducation@gordonconwell.edu
Shoemaker Center    
  978-646-4145 shoemaker@gcts.edu
Student Accounts    
  978-646-4049 finserv@gcts.edu
VP of Academic Affairs    
Ann Lints,  Assistant to the VP of Academic Affairs 978-646-4029


Wilson Center 978-646-4174 missions@gcts.edu