Executive Board

The Executive Board of Women’s Council is comprised of officers of the Board, chairs of standing committees (i.e.: Scholarship Committee, Social Committee, Membership Committee, and Music Committee), Members-at-Large, spouses of the President and Chief Academic Officer, and Past-President of the Board.

The Executive Board gives oversight to membership recruitment and retention, program development, and luncheon planning and execution. The Board works closely with the Enrollment Management and Financial Aid Offices of the Seminary in establishing guidelines and protocols for selecting annual scholarship recipients.

Pictured above:

Front Row:
Doris Joos (Secretary), Rose Hausman (Scholarship Chair), Rhonda Gibson (President), Erica Giovanniello (Treasurer)

Back Row:
Mary Ann Hollinger, Grace Chmura (Vice President), Jane Wells, Anne Swetland, Jane Kusel (Membership Chair), Miriam Boylan, Deborah Johnson Kotsiras, Dorine Waller (Social Chair)

Not Pictured:
Jetta Olson (Music Chair), Robin Higle (Assistant Treasurer), Judy Gaede, Barbara Schnabel