Scholarship Recipients

For over 80 years Women’s Council has dedicated itself to addressing the needs of seminary students. In the early years this included such practical projects as making drapes and pillow cases for the dorm rooms, and setting up a small kitchenette in the residence quarters. In 1964 the Council purchased and donated a Chickering piano in ebony finish delivered from the Steinway Company. 

In later decades attention focused more exclusively on the raising of scholarship funds. Between 1988-2010, exactly 3,000 individual gifts were received from Women’s Council members toward student scholarships in the amount of $194,598.

Rose Hausman, Scholarship Chairperson, “It has been my privilege to work with the scholarship recipients for the past two years and to encourage ways in which we, as members of the Women’s Council, and the students can get to know one another better.  As we learn about their “story” of God’s call to ministry, we can better fulfill our call to pray for them strategically and contribute to their education joyfully." 



2017 - 2018 Recipients

Emmanuel Cumplido, Master of Divinity, 2018
Hometown: Pawtucket, RI
Undergrad: B.A in philosophy, University of Rhode Island

Update: I completed my final course at Gordon-Conwell in mid-July, and my family and I are expecting our baby girl to arrive any day now! We've moved into the Eastside of Providence, and will be attending a church plant in the area for at least the rest of the summer. After some extended conversations and discernment with the Boston University School of Theology, I will not be attending in the Fall of 2018. While my desire to serve God through my knack for scholarship is still alive and well, for the next year I hope to fully invest in my family, my work, and a home bible study to disciple other believers in this neighborhood to reach their friends and family with the love of Jesus. Thank you to everyone on the Women's Council for your love and support during my three years at Gordon-Conwell!


Bio: My name is Emmanuel Cumplido and I am a Master of Divinity candidate here at Gordon-Conwell, slated to graduate in the Spring of  2018! I’m from the small-yet-mighty neighboring state of Rhode Island, where I attended the University of Rhode Island and earned my B.A. in philosophy. The Lord has blessed me with an amazing wife, and blessed both of us with a baby boy Conrad Jax, who was born during my very first semester here! Through stewarding the gifts of teaching, knowledge, and faith, I pray that the training I receive at Gordon-Conwell will better equip me to partner with God’s people in redeeming the academy and equipping laity for the work of the kingdom!

Charles Fick, Master of Divinity, 2020
Hometown: Ithaca NY
Undergrad: B.A. in Urban Education and Development, Cornell University

Update: The spring semester was challenging in many ways but also included some important discoveries. My January class "Christ in the Old Testament" with Prof. Gordon Hugenberger was intense but has been my favorite one so far. The big picture of how Christ is revealed in the whole Old Testament was enlightening and encouraging and helped solidify my love of both Biblical Studies and Biblical Theology. I was also able to design and launch the first Sunday School class at our church. This was especially exciting because it gave me the opportunity to immediately apply what I was learning in my "Evangelism and Discipleship in the Local Church" class. The class is almost finished now and I've really enjoyed teaching it. The process of creating the curriculum has helped to confirm love for teaching evangelism, which might be a major part of my future calling. This summer I am taking my first online course, "World Mission of the Church."

Family-wise, we had some difficulties early on in the spring but were able to get the extensions we needed from our professors to get all our work done, praise the Lord! The boys have generally been healthy the last few months and Wally loves school and his vocabulary is growing every day. I'm finishing up some research work this summer but mostly we are planning on trying to rest as much as we can. Please pray for health for all of us and sleep for Leo, and a good balance or work and rest as we adjust to our new summer schedule.”

Bio: I married Kimberly in 2010 and we have two sons, Walter, born in December 2013 and Leonard, born in July 2016. I felt God’s call to ministry at a very early age. Severe allergies threatened my life multiple times as a child so that once I was healed and grew out of them I knew that God had a reason for keeping me alive. I’ve served in a variety of ministry roles in the local church, as an urban missionary, and as a campus staff member for InterVarsity Christian Fellowship (IVCF). As an IVCF staff member I discovered my twin passions of Biblical teaching and evangelism. In the summer of 2015, God began to call us to Gordon-Conwell speaking to us in a silent retreat where Kimberly and I heard we were “better together.” In response to God’s call we are both pursuing M.Div. degrees and hope to get Ph.D's after that, seeking to teach, train and equip the church to know, obey and share God’s word leading to deeper worship and more effective evangelism.

Kimberly Fick, Master of Divinity, 2020
Ithaca NY
Undergrad: B.A. in Contemporary Ministry, Roberts Wesleyan College

Update: My January term and the spring semester were equally difficult and amazing. The work I did in the Dynamics of Spiritual Life class (in January) helped me further understand my own gifts and calling. I can see much more clearly now that God has called me to the work of leadership, trial-blazing, and possibly preaching. While I don't have a concrete picture of what vocation that may be, it certainly gives me a better idea of what classes to choose and what to focus on in my mentored ministry internships. I took three classes this spring that centered on very practical skills for ministry: Evangelism & Discipleship, World Missions & the Church, and The Theology of Black Music from Spirituals to Hip-Hop. This summer I will be doing an internship (Mentored Ministry) at out church, Garden City Church in Beverly, where I had the privilege of preaching on Mother's Day.

While the spring semester began with a week of illness for me (again), I'm grateful that our boys were relatively healthy and are both doing really well. Wally (4.5) is getting so close to being able to read, and Leo (almost 2) absolutely loves people and being outdoors. Charles and I are looking forward to a summer that is a bit more relaxed so that we can rest and recharge before the fall semester begins.

Bio: My name is Kimberly Fick and I am currently in the M.Div. program, expecting to graduate in May 2020. My husband, who is also in the M.Div. program, and I have two energetic boys, Wally (3.5 years) and Leo (1 year). I felt a clear call to full-time ministry as a young teen, but missions work was the only context where I knew women could fully participate so that is what I pursued. I graduated with an Honors Bachelor of Arts degree in Contemporary Ministries from Roberts Wesleyan College in Rochester, NY. After college, I served for several month-long missions trips in Sierra Leone, The Gambia, and Jerusalem. Then I returned to my hometown of Ithaca, NY, and worked as a nanny for a few years while I waited on God for the next set of instructions. It was after meeting and marrying Charles that I became a campus minister with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship at Cornell University, working specifically with Asian and Asian-American students. In the fall of 2015 we both heard a clear call from God to pursue M.Div. degrees at Gordon-Conwell and eventually Ph.D's with the goal of teaching and equipping the body of Christ to study scripture and share the Gospel.

Esther Kim, Master of Divinity & Master of Arts (Counseling), 2018
Hometown: Staten Island, NY 
Undergrad: B.A. degrees in Anthropology & Speech Communication, State University of NY in Potsdam

Bio: "My name is Esther Kim and I’m a third-year M.Div & MACO student at Gordon-Conwell. I’m a native New Yorker so I love everything about New York. I love thoughtful conversations, meaningful friendships, and storytelling. I hope to become a clinical trauma counselor in the future and desire to assist the church in any way I can."

Kelly Mikkelson, Master of Arts in the Old Testament, 2018
Ithaca, NY
Undergrad: BA in Contemporary Ministry, Roberts Wesleyan College

Update: I am now just getting settled in in Minnesota. It has been such a whirlwind! My plan is to live here in Minnesota for a few months to get a much needed break and to spend time with family; I am also hoping to find a good temporary job while I'm living here, so that is something I'd love prayer for. I will need to have a firm plan for what's next by the end of this summer so that would be great to pray for as well. Going back into YWAM is still an option but there may be a couple other options as well that I am praying about. I really need rest and clarity as well as provision for this time. My heart is to be used by God however that may look and I'm praying that the direction will be clear.

Bio: I am originally from Minnesota, but in 2008 I moved to Lakeside, Montana to be on staff with YWAM, which is what I was doing up until I came to Gordon-Conwell. (My Minnesotan accent used to be much stronger, but it has definitely mellowed out over the years!) Since being with YWAM, I have had the privilege of traveling to about 15 different countries on various outreaches and teaching trips; I have so many incredible stories of God's faithfulness! I love God's Word and I love seeing how His Word transforms people's hearts! I am passionate about teaching the Bible and discipleship, both here in the States and overseas; my heart is to be a resource for those who want solid Bible teaching but may not have access to it. I desire to see other believers equipped and trained not only for their own personal growth in their relationship with God but also for them to take what they've learned and teach it to others. And...I'm also very passionate about coffee.

Corri Ogburn, Master of Arts (Religion), 2018
 Boulder, CO 
Undergrad: B.A. in English Literature, University of Colorado 

Update: This past semester at GCTS has been one of my best. In fact, I can clearly remember driving into the seminary one morning and thinking, "This is it! I'm in the middle of the best part of this season in my life!" I felt so grateful. I've been here long enough to have really learned quite a bit and for the community at GCTS to truly feel like home. I know this does not last forever at any academic institution; there is constant turn over. But, that morning I felt very grateful and in the moment and aware that what I had was really good; 2 classes on Mondays that are challenging and helpful, with people I've really come to love, and one on Tuesday (Islam) with a different group of interesting people and also 2 friends from my town who decided to audit with me. I feel so grateful for Erica and the Women's Council and the Partnership program and am truly sad that one member of the women's council with whom I sit each brunch, is moving and that Rhonda is moving as well. It is a reminder to me that this season in seminary is not forever; people move on and situations change. I'm grateful God is opening my eyes so that I can enjoy each moment I'm in. This summer I will be taking Suicide Prevention. Because I have dealt with this issue in past full time ministry, I'm very thrilled to learn practical tools. One of the young women who helped pioneer the high school movement I used to lead before coming to seminary is now a social worker in Salem and she will be in class with me. It's rewarding to have that happen; the opportunity to continue walking alongside young people from my past ministry years - as peers.


Bio: My name is Corri Charlton Ogburn and I am pursuing a degree in counseling as well as an MAR with a focus in anthropology/culture. I expect to graduate in 2 to 3 years, depending on how many of the classes overlap, and on what life brings my way! I was born in Fort Collins, Colorado and grew up in Boulder, Colorado where I also attended the University of Colorado from 1987-1991. I have a B.A. in English Literature and also focused on Spanish. I further studied Spanish at language school in Costa Rica in 1992 and then lived a year in Argentina.

2016-2017 Recipients

  • Emmanuel Cumplido
  • Monica Kang
  • Esther Kim
  • Tiffany Lim
  • Corri Ogburn
  • Hanyu (Esther) Shi

2015-2016 Recipients

  • Anne Harrington
  • Jean Jim
  • Sarah Leong
  • Dawn Mackey
  • Abigail Miller
  • Rebekah Mongeau

2014-2015 Recipients

  • Justin Allison
  • Mollie Clark
  • Marshall Gallagher
  • Denicia Ratley
  • Laurine Voltaire
  • Peter Bridgwood