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World-Renowned Faculty

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Biblical Studies

Name Contact
  • Instructor in Old Testament
  • Assistant Professor of New Testament
  • Professor of Biblical Theology and Ethics
(704) 527-9909
  • Senior Professor Of Old Testament
  • Professor of Old Testament
(978) 468-7111 x4109
  • Director of the Greek Language Program at Hamilton; Assistant Professor of New Testament
(978) 468-7111 x4090
  • Professor of Biblical Studies
(704) 527-9909
  • Professor of New Testament
(978) 468-7111 x4091
  • Associate Professor of Old Testament
(704) 527-5849
  • Professor of Old Testament
(978) 468-7111 x4080
  • Dean of the Boston Campus; Assistant Professor of Old Testament
  • Director of the Hebrew Language Program; Associate Professor of Old Testament
(978) 468-7111 x4117
  • Associate Professor of Old Testament
(978) 468-7111 x4243
  • Mary French Rockefeller Distinguished Professor of New Testament
  • Professor of New Testament
(978) 468-7111 x4084
  • Professor of Old Testament
(978) 468-7111 x4095
  • Assistant Professor of New Testament

Christian Thought

Name Contact
  • Associate Professor of Church History; Director, Master of Arts in Spiritual Formation
(978) 468-7111 x4089
  • Chair of the Division of Christian Thought; Professor of Systematic Theology and Christian Ethics
(978) 468-7111 x4118
  • Academic Dean (Charlotte); Robert E. Cooley Professor of Early Christianity
  • President; Colman M. Mockler Distinguished Professor of Christian Ethics
(978) 468-7111 x4030
  • Director of the Advent Christian Studies Program; Director of Th.M. Program in Church History and Theology and MA and MAR Programs; Berkshire Associate Professor of Advent Christian Studies
(978) 468-7111 x4099
  • Director of the Center for the Study of Global Christianity; Associate Professor of Global Christianity
(978) 468-7111
  • Paul E. and Eva B. Toms Distinguished Professor of World Missions and European Studies
(978) 468-7111 x4085
  • Provost and Andrew Mutch Distinguished Professor of Theology
(978) 468-7111 x4122
  • Senior Librarian and Assistant Professor of Theological Bibliography
(704) 527-9909
  • Dean of Chapel; Professor of Worship, Church and Culture; Executive Director, Institute for the Study of the Black Christian Experience
  • Associate Professor of Historical Theology
(904) 354-4800
  • Senior Research Professor of Church History
(978) 468-7111 x4139
  • Professor of Theology
(978) 468-4111 x4235
  • Distinguished Senior Professor of Christian Social Ethics
(978) 468-7111 x1650
  • Distinguished Senior Research Professor
(978) 468-7111 x4094
  • Chair, Mission Oversight Team; Associate Professor of World Christianity and Asian Studies

Practical Theology

Name Contact
  • Professor of Preaching and Communication
(978) 468-7111 x4191
  • Mockler-Phillips Professor of Workplace Theology and Business Ethics
(978) 626-4790
  • Assistant Professor of Counseling
  • Senior Professor of Youth Ministry
(978) 468-7111 x4086
  • Senior Professor of Counseling
(978) 468-7111
  • Assistant Professor of Counseling
  • Kenneth and Jean Hansen Professor of Discipleship and Leadership Development
  • Dean of the Doctor of Ministry Program & the Ockenga Institute; Associate Professor of Pastoral Theology
(978) 468-4111 x4176
  • Associate Professor of Counseling, Director of the Counseling Department in Charlotte
  • Assistant Professor of Counseling, Director of Counseling & Academic Support Initiatives
  • Associate Dean for the Hispanic Ministries Program
  • Co-Director of the Haddon W. Robinson Center for Preaching; Director of Mentored Ministry; Associate Professor of Preaching and Ministry
  • Assistant Professor of Counseling
  • Assistant Professor of Ministry and Leadership Development
  • Professor of Counseling and Psychology; Director of the Counseling Department at Hamilton
  • Senior Professor of Pastoral Care and Counseling
(978) 468-7111 x4108
  • Associate Professor of Formation and Leadership Development, Director of Formation and Leadership Development, Dean of the Hamilton Campus
  • Chair of George F. Bennett Professor of Pastoral Counseling and Psychology, Professor of Psychology & Counseling
(978) 468-7111 x4116
  • Director of Mentored Ministry; Associate Professor of Pastoral Leadership and Evangelism
  • Assistant Professor, Youth Ministry and Leadership; Assistant Dean of Gordon-Conwell's Boston Campus