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Dr. Tom Pfizenmaier

  • Associate Professor of Formation and Leadership Development, Dean of the Hamilton Faculty, Director of the Discipleship Initiative


  • B.A. (Marietta College)
  • MATS (Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary)
  • M.Div. (San Francisco Theological Seminary)
  • Ph.D. (Fuller Theological Seminary)


  • The Trinitarian Theology of Dr. Samuel Clarke (1675-1729): Context, Sources, and Controversy in Studies in the History of Christian Thought Series (1997)
  • “Was Isaac Newton an Arian?” Journal of the History of Ideas (1997)
  • “Isaac Newton”, in New Dictionary of Christian Apologetics (2006)
  • “Samuel Clarke”, in New Dictionary of Christian Apologetics (2006)
  • “Why the Third Fell Out: Trinitarian Dissent” in Religion, Politics and Dissent: 1660-1832, Essays in Honour of James E. Bradley (2010)


Dr. Pfizenmaier is married to Donna, and has three adult daughters: Lenevieve, Kate and Ann. Also a dog named Brewster. He is a native Bostonian, having grown up in Hingham MA. He has served Churches in Oklahoma City, OK; Arcadia, CA as an Associate Pastor, and served for 20 years as the Senior Pastor of Bonhomme Presbyterian Church in the St. Louis area. He holds a Ph.D. from Fuller Seminary in Historical Theology, but teaches in the areas of spiritual formation, leadership and leads the seminary's discipleship initiative.

He enjoys reading, cooking and movies. Dr. Pfizenmaier loves spending time with family and friends over good meals. He speaks English, but is fluent in Boston.