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Dr. Elisabeth Suarez

  • Adjunct Faculty


  • B.S. (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute)
  • M.S. (University of New Hampshire)
  • M.A. (Denver Seminary)
  • Ph.D. (University of Northern Colorado)


Supervision, Quantitative Research Methods and Statistics, Innovative Andragogy, Multicultural Issues in Counseling, Mentoring, Sexuality


We serve a relational God. He desires relationship with each one of us. He also encourages fellowship with one another. When those relationships break down, counseling can help. Christian counselors can be salt and light in the world. I consider it a privilege to train Christian counselors to use the gifts and abilities God has given them to reach hurting people.

My journey to being a counselor educator has taken a circuitous route. Being good in math and science in high school, I was advised to pursue engineering as a viable career. After completing a Bachelor’s degree in Materials Engineering, I did some youth ministry with Youth for Christ and the local church. I even spent some time in Mexico helping plant a church.

Then I began teaching high school Spanish and mathematics in New Jersey. I LOVED teaching! I decided to learn more about instruction by obtaining a Master's degree in Teaching Mathematics. This led me to a high school math position at a boarding school in New Hampshire. Living in a dormitory with 40 adolescent girls opened my eyes to the need to get training in counseling. Being involved in their daily lives, I found myself being asked to listen and advise on teen issues. I had the privilege to study counseling from a Christian worldview at Denver Seminary. I LOVED counseling! After completing my M.A. and working at a Christian clinic as a therapist, I returned to Denver Seminary to teach masters level students. I was asked to pursue a doctorate in counselor education. Imagine my surprise to learn of a degree that included my two (academic) loves!! I received my Ph.D. in Counselor Education & Supervision from the University of Northern Colorado with a minor in applied statistics and research methods.

After teaching master's students for ten years, I had the opportunity to join the faculty at Regent University to work with doctoral students in counselor education. We taught in a fully online format, which allowed me to train counselors from all around the world, and the Christian perspective fit my belief system and worldview. I enjoyed mentoring students, whether through dissertations or teaching assistants.

Currently, I am back in Denver, Colorado, teaching, supervising, and consulting. I welcome the chance to work with GCTS counseling students.