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Special Instructions

International Students

The international student community at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary is diverse, thriving, and valued by the entire Gordon-Conwell community.  Our current international students on all our campuses represent 50 countries, including Australia, the UK, South Korea, Brazil, China, Nigeria, Uganda, Macedonia, Haiti, the Philippines, Ethiopia, and many more.

Click here for International Student application instructions.

Auditors (Official & Courtesy)

All auditors are restricted to non-participating member status in classes. In other words, auditors may not participate in class discussion (except as authorized by the instructor according to the terms included in the course syllabus), not submit written work, not sit for exams for the purpose of receiving an evaluation. Limited courses are not available to auditors except by written permission from the professor and the Registration Office.  Some courses may not be audited. Please contact the Registration Office at [email protected] for more details.

Gordon-Conwell, Boston Campus offers students the option to either become an Official Auditor or a Courtesy Auditor. Current students may officially audit courses by paying the current audit fee and student services fee, and by receiving approval from the Registration Office. Individuals not enrolled in a degree program and wishing to enroll as official auditors must complete a formal application with the Admissions Office.

Official Audit

As an official auditor, transcripts are not required, and one pastoral recommendation is needed.  In a separate document, please indicate which courses you desire to audit, why, and how you will benefit from them.

In summary, an auditor should complete the following:

  • Full Application
  • Transcripts are not required
  • One pastoral recommendation is required
  • In a separate document, please indicate which courses you desire to audit, why, and how you will benefit from them.
  • Application Fee $50

To register as an Official Auditor please use the regular registration form and mark ‘AU’ in the column provided. ‘AU’ will appear on your transcript. The cost of auditing a course includes the official audit fee of $150 per course and the student service fee for that semester ($175 for fall & spring semesters and $100 per summer session).

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Courtesy Audit

Current students and GCTS alumnae/alumni may register as courtesy auditors in any given semester based on space availability. Audited classes will not appear on any transcripts and auditors are limited to one courtesy audit per semester.

Please click here to find the Courtesy Audit form.

Please note that all registration ends by the add/drop deadline in the Academic Calendar. Please find the current calendar here to check deadlines.

Transfer Students

A student applying for transfer from another seminary or graduate school is requested to attach a “Statement of Explanation and Purpose” for the proposed transfer. In addition, the student must include a letter from the current seminary/graduate school indicating that he/she is a “student in good standing.” This letter should come directly from the Registrar or Academic Dean.  Transfer credit will only be evaluated for applicants who have submitted a full application.

Click here for more information regarding Transfer Students.

Campus Transfer

Students wishing to transfer from Gordon-Conwell’s Hamilton, Charlotte or Jacksonville campuses to the Boston Campus (CUME) must fill out the Transfer Application Form available below. Campus Transfer applications should be submitted at least one month before the start of the semester you wish to apply. Students wishing to transfer from CUME to either the Hamilton, Charlotte or Jacksonville campuses must request applications from whichever campus they wish to attend.

Click here to download the Campus Transfer Application.

Degree Transfer

Any matriculated student who wishes to change status from one degree program to another program must be in good standing and submit a Change of Current Degree Application to the Admissions Office.

Degree Transfer students should submit the following:

Change of Status Application
A short statement (1 page) about why you want to change your status
One recommendation from a GCTS faculty member

No action will be taken until an application is complete and a written notification regarding a decision will be sent to the applicant.

Click here to download a Change of Current Degree Application.

Students wishing to change status from the Certificate in Christian Studies (CCS) program to a degree program must have completed CCS in good standing and apply as a mature admit. Click here to download an abbreviated application form under mature admit status.

Reactivate Status

Student files become inactive after two years of not taking a class.  To reactivate your student status at Gordon-Conwell, Boston Campus, please submit an Application to Reactivate Status form to the Admissions Office by clicking here.

Visiting Student

If you are currently a student in good standing at another accredited seminary, you are welcome to take classes at Gordon-Conwell.

There is an abbreviated application process for Visiting Students. On the application, make sure you select “Visiting Student” as your degree. Mark “Semlink” if you are planning to take classes through our distance education program. We require that you submit a letter from your Academic Dean or Registrar indicating that you are currently a student in good standing at your seminary and that coursework from Gordon-Conwell will be applied to your degree requirements there. You do not need to send recommendations, personal statements or transcripts.

In summary, a visiting student should complete the following:

  • Application form (preferably online), including application essays
  • Transcripts are not required.
  • Please submit a letter from your Academic Dean or Registrar indicating that you are currently a student in good standing at your seminary and that coursework from Gordon-Conwell will be applied to your studies there.
  • $50 Application Fee

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