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Lay Ministry Training

Gordon-Conwell—Boston seeks to serve the larger metropolitan community by offering a non-degree diploma and a graduate certificate program for clergy and lay leaders.

Diploma in Urban Church Ministry 

The Diploma in Urban Church Ministry provides urban practitioners with practical training as well as theological and biblical reflections. The diploma program requirements involve taking six (6) courses over a one (1) year period. A Certificate of Completion is awarded upon successfully completing the six (6) required courses. Many of our students who have not completed their undergraduate degree work take advantage of the diploma program to matriculate into a master’s level degree program. Learn more.

Graduate Certificate Program

The Boston Campus offers two Graduate Certificate programs:

  1. Graduate Certificate in Bible
  2. Graduate Certificate in Christian Foundations
  3. Graduate Certificate in Pastoral Care

These short, personalized non-degree programs give college graduates the opportunity to investigate the Bible and Christianity without making a commitment to a long-term degree. Participants must successfully complete six (6) courses. For more information click here.