The David M. Rogers Hall of Mission

David began his work at Gordon-Conwell in Charlotte in 1993 when he became a student in the inaugural class. He excelled in his studies, and in 1996 was part of the first graduating class when, in May of that year, he received his master’s degree in Christian Thought.

Shortly following graduation, he became a member of the Advisory Board and contributed numerous ideas that strengthened the Charlotte campus. He became Chairman when Sid Bradley was Dean of the Charlotte Campus. Dr. Bradley states that “David’s leadership on the Board of Advisors was exceptional. His heart was for the advancement of the Charlotte campus. He led with unbridled enthusiasm and his commitment to the ideals of the seminary and biblical scholarship were exemplary. Some of the greatest contributions made by David came during the first building campaign where he became the legal voice while remaining an advocate for the students as he helped to shape the plan for building construction.” One example is through the space dedicated as a student lounge which is named in honor of his wife, Louise.

In 2001 he was named a trustee of the institution under then president Walter C. Kaiser. He added to the excellence of the Board of Trustees in many ways, and eventually rose to the level of Vice Chair of the Trustee Board. Current President Dennis Hollinger writes,

"David served admirably on the Board of Trustees of Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary for nearly a decade. As a result of his distinguished capabilities, he was named Vice Chair of the Board, Chair of the Strategic Planning Committee and Chair of the Charlotte Board of Advisors. David firmly believed that seminary education was vital for the life of the Church and the development of its leadership. He was a strong advocate for the Charlotte campus, but always an ambassador for the entire seminary. David embodied what Gordon-Conwell stands for: a thoughtful evangelicalism in which the mind and the heart are brought together to train men and women to be relevant and faithful ambassadors of Christ. Thus, it is only fitting that we pursue the possibility of naming a new addition at our Charlotte campus after our beloved brother and friend who served Christ and the seminary so well. It would be an honor to have you share with us in honoring David."

The influence of the leadership of David is permanently etched in Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary and its DNA on all of our campuses, especially in Charlotte. As we honor David through the naming of our Hall of Mission, we honor God for the life, work and vision he gave to our dear brother.