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Text Discovered on Dead Sea Scroll Fragments

New research has revealed that four Dead Sea Scroll fragments, housed at The University of Manchester’s John Rylands Library and previously thought to be blank, do contain text. The Network for the Study of Dispersed Qumran Cave Artefacts and Archival Sources (DQCAAS) reported that multispectral imaging was used to reveal text upon the manuscript fragments that appeared to be blank to the naked eye. Professor Joan Taylor discovered that four of the fifty-one fragments that were imaged contained Hebrew/Aramaic text written using carbon-based ink.  More on this discovery can be found in the DQCAAS article.

For more insight on the Dead Sea Scrolls, Dr. Craig Evans, in his 2010 Cooley Lectures series on Archaeology and the Historical Jesus, spent one evening (January 15) discussing issues related to the Dead Sea Scrolls, Messianism, and Christology. Visit our Lecture Series page to view this lecture and others.