With Sermon Doctor Rx, preachers share their audio or print sermons with the Center for Preaching for evaluation. A member of the Center for Preaching team will return a thorough evaluation for each sermon submitted with advice on how to improve your preaching.

Our team of instructors consists of highly qualified homileticians who have done post-graduate work in preaching. Most sermons are evaluated by professors of preaching.

Online Request Form Mail-In Request Form

Sermons may be submitted either online or through postal mail. Only Word documents and audio files less than 8mb may be submitted online. All other sermons must me mailed.

When can I expect to receive my evaluation?
Orders placed at the regular appointment price will be processed and postmarked within seven business days after receipt. Emergency service orders will be processed within twenty-four hours of the first business day. They must be received before 4:30pm to be processed by the next day. If you are unsure if your sermon will be processed in time for your event, please call or email before sending.

In which format can I send my sermon?
Outlines and manuscripts: we accept hard copies and Word or notepad documents.
Audio sermons: we accept cassettes, CDs, .mp3s, and .wav formats.
Video sermons: we accept VHS and DVD.

Outlines and manuscripts will be returned with suggestions. Audio and video sermons will be returned only at the sender’s request and will require postage payment.

How much does Sermon Doctor Rx cost?
A regular appointment costs $100. Please allow one-week processing time.
Emergency service costs $125 and will be processed in 24 hours.

Are there any discounts?
No discounts are currently available for Sermon Doctor Rx

What forms of payment are accepted?
We accept personal checks written out to Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary.

What do I get for subscribing to Sermon Doctor Rx?
In return for sending in your sermon, you will receive a thorough evaluation form with comments and answers to your specific questions.