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Chinese SemlinkChinese Semlink

What is Chinese Semlink?

Chinese Semlink is a diploma program designed to train men and women for ministry in Mandarin-speaking contexts in the United States and around the world through an e-learning environment. Although not offered for degree credit, the diploma curriculum is provided at a graduate level and involves Master of Arts core courses. The application process for Chinese Semlink diploma students is completely separate from the application process for Gordon-Conwell degree programs.

The Diploma Program

The Chinese Semlink Diploma Program requires students to complete eight courses: six required courses, and two electives (please refer to Chinese language website and to the course offerings below).  A diploma certificate will be issued by Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary upon successful completion of the program.

The Chinese Semlink program is academically supervised by a team of Chinese faculty.  The team includes the following:

  • Dr. Kevin Xiyi Yao (Th.D., Boston University)
  • Dr. Rev. Abraham Hiutung Chan (Ph.D., Boston College)
  • Dr. Rev. Tsu-kung Chuang (Ph.D., Trinity Evangelical Divinity School)
  • Dr. Rev. Peter Jung-chu Wu (Ph.D., Westminster Theological Seminary)

Use of Diploma Program Courses for Gordon-Conwell Degree Programs

Diploma program courses can be applied to a degree program at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary through a vetting process by meeting the standards and formally applying to a degree program.  Ten diploma program courses may be applied to the M.Div. degree, and up to seven may be applied to an M.A. program.  For questions related to transferring diploma courses into a degree program, please contact Dr. Kevin Xiyi Yao.

Course Offerings

Course Description Professor
NT501 NT Survey Dr. Gordon
OT500 OT Survey Dr. Stuart
TH501 Theology Survey I Dr. Wells
TH502 Theology Survey II Dr. Lim
CH500 Survey of Church History Dr. Rosell
WM601 The World Mission of the Church Dr. Tennent
NT503 Life of Jesus Dr. McDonough
NT504 Paul and his Letters Dr. Ciampa
OT501 Theology of the Pentateuch Dr. Hugenberger
OT595 Old Testament Ethics Dr. Kaiser
OT551 Genesis in Depth Dr. Kaminski
GL501 & GL502 Greek 1 & Greek 2 Dr. Hafemann
OL501 & OL502 Hebrew 1 & Hebrew 2 Dr. Pratico
PR601 Preaching: Principles and Practices Dr. Gibson
PR602 Preaching for Modern Listeners Dr. Arthurs


Getting Started

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Chinese Dimensions of the Faith

Chinese DimensionsWhat is Chinese Dimensions of the Faith?

Chinese Dimensions of the Faith is a personal enrichment program designed to provide men and women with basic theological training for life and ministry in Mandarin-speaking contexts in the United States and around the world through an e-learning environment. This program is for personal enrichment only, and no degree credit is available from taking these classes.

Course Offerings

Course Professor
Biblical Interpretation: Studying the Bible for All Its Worth Dr. Stuart
Old Testament Survey I: Creation, Covenant, and Kings Dr. Stuart
Old Testament Survey II: Prophets and Promise Dr. Stuart
New Testament Survey I: Christ and His Church Dr. Gordon
New Testament Survey II: Letters to God’s People Dr. Gordon
Church History Survey I: From Pentecost to the Reformation Dr. Rosell
Church History Survey II: From Reformation to the Present Dr. Rosell
Theology Matters I: What Christians Believe and Why It Matters Dr. Wells
Theology Matters II: What Christians Believe and Why It Matters Dr. Wells
Evangelism and Missions: Loving a Lost World Dr. Tennent


Getting Started

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Overseas Missions Practicum (OMP)

An opportunity for Gordon-Conwell students to travel around the world where they can learn to serve the poor, share their faith and network with Christians from a broad spectrum of other cultures and church traditions.

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