New Student Orientation

Our Spring 2021 New Student Orientation will be Friday, January 15th from 4–5pm on Zoom. Please RSVP with the following form:

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New Student Resources

Online New Student Orientation

Online New Student Orientation (ONSO) includes modules that review technology tools, registration and financial services, degree programs, and library resources. Students must complete this self-paced course on GCTS Canvas by the start of the Fall 2019 semester. It should take no more than five hours total.

New Student Guide

As you navigate each stage of your matriculation process, incoming students will find helpful resources and information in the New Student Guide. Be sure to refer to it at any point!

Degree Advising

Incoming students may find a degree advising video helpful as they prepare to enter their first semester of studies. Program advisors are available for individual appointments via meeting, phone, or video conference.

Digital Live

Digital Live brings the live classroom experience to any student anywhere with a high-speed internet connection.

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