Fall 2013 Course Schedule & Syllabi

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Course Title
CH 501 Church to the Reformation Dr. Don Fairbairn
CH 502-I+ Church to the Reformation (Semlink +) Dr. Garth Rosell
CH 645 Martin Luther and the Reformation Dr. Mary Havens
CL 503 Foundations of Leadership Dr. Steve Klipowicz
CL 670 Team & Team Building Dr. Rod Cooper
CO 500 Introduction to Counseling Mr. Reginald Moore
CO 540 Helping Relationships Dr. Kelly Breen Boyce
CO 610 Advanced Development Psychology Dr. Rod Cooper
CO 699 Research Methods and Design Dr. Elizabeth Suarez
CO 715 Advance Psychopathology Dr. Lauren King
CO 716 Marital Therapy Dr. Sid Bradley
CO 735 Individual Appraisal Dr. Kelly Breen Boyce
CT 630 Confessions I Dr. David Yeago
CT 760 Patristic Theology Dr. Don Fairbairn
ET 501-I+ Christian Ethics Dr. Dennis Hollinger
GL 501A Basic Greek I Dr. Joel Harlow
GL 501B Basic Greek I Dr. Joel Harlow
MC/SF 501 Spiritual Formation Dr. Steve Klipowicz
MC 850 Readiness for Ministry Exit Seminar Dr. Steve Klipowicz
NT 501 New Testament Survey Dr. Rollin Grams
NT 502 Interpreting the New Testament Dr. Rollin Grams
NT 617 Gospel of John Dr. Rollin Grams
OL 501A Hebrew I Dr. Joel Harlow
OL 501B Hebrew I Dr. Catherine McDowell
OT 500A Old Testament Survey Dr. Catherine McDowell
OT 500B Old Testament Survey Dr. Catherine McDowell
OT 500-O Old Testament Survey Dr. Tim Laniak
OT 750 OT Prophetical Books Dr. Tom Petter
PR 601 Preaching: Principles & Practices

Dr. Rod Cooper
Dr. Octavia Baker

TH 501 Theology Survey I Dr. Alan Myatt
TH 501B Theology Survey I Dr. David Yeago
TH 502 Theology Survey II Dr. Don Fairbairn
TH 760 Christianity & the Postmodern World Dr. Alan Myatt
WM 601-I+ World Mission of the Church Dr. Kevin Yao