I-20 Extension

If you will not finish your degree before your current I-20 end date, you may apply for an I-20 extension (later I-20 end date). Please note that you must have continually maintained proper F-1 status to be eligible for an extension. To apply for this, you will need to:

  1. Prove academic and/or medical need for the extension. Complete the I-20 Extension Application with the help of the Registration Office and your International Student Advisor. For reasons of medical necessity, please provide a doctor's note, which must include the following information:
    • Doctor's name and contact information
    • Your diagnosis
    • The recommended treatment
    • The length of time required to complete the treatment
  2. Prove financial ability to pay for the extra time needed with the I-20 extension. Complete the International Student Financial Worksheet and provide supporting documentation (such as bank statements and affidavits of support). 
  3. Submit your completed application for I-20 extension. Do this before your I-20 end date to your International Student Advisor. We recommend doing this at least one month in advance, to allow for processing times. Your International Student Advisor will evaluate your application for I-20 extension.

Helpful Information

Questions? Contact the International Student Office at esl@gordonconwell.edu or call 704-527-9909.