Spring 2009 Course Schedule

Code No. Section Course Title Instructor
CH 502 CA The Church since the Reformation Dr. Garth Rosell
CH 628 CA The Early Church Dr. Garth Rosell
CL/MC 503 CA Foundations for Leadership Dr. Steve Klipowicz
CL 640 CA Managing Conflict Dr. Rod Cooper
CO 540 CA Helping Relationships Dr. Kelly Breen Boyce
CO 611 CA Theories of Personality Dr. Kelly Breen Boyce
CO 614 CA Family Systems Theory Dr. Maria Boccia
CO/WM 712 CA Cross-Cultural Counseing Dr. Rod Cooper
CO 716 CA Marital Therapy Dr. Sid Bradley
CO/PC 718 CA Group Dynamics Dr. Kelly Breen Boyce
CO/PC 750 CA Crisis Counseling Dr. Wayne Goodwin
CO 790 CA Professional Standards and Christian Ethics for Counselors Dr. Maria Boccia
EV 510 CA Foundations for Evangelism Dr. Robert Coleman
GL 502 CA Basic Greek II Dr. Eric Greaux
MC 850 CA Readiness for Ministry Dr. Steve Klipowicz
NT/OT 795 CA Biblical Theology Seminar Dr. Timothy Laniak
OL 502 CA/CB Hebrew II Dr. Timothy Laniak/
Erin James
OT 750 CA Old Testament Prophetical Books Dr. Jeffrey Niehaus
PR 602 CA Preaching for Modern Listeners

Dr. Rod Cooper

PR 602 CB Preaching for Modern Listeners Dr. Rod Cooper
TH 501 CA Theology Survey I Dr. Alan Myatt
TH 502 CA Theology Survey II Dr. Alan Myatt
WM 510 CA World Missions: Paradigms and Practice Dr. Steve Strauss