January/Spring 2012 Course Schedule and Syllabi

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Course Title
CH 502 The Church Since the Reformation Dr. Don Fortson
CH/TH 669 Soteriology in Christian History Dr. Don Fairbairn
CL 503 Foundations for Leadership Dr. Steve Klipowicz
CL/NT/OT 574 Biblical Theology of Leadership Dr. Tim Laniak
CL 650 The Christian Leader as Communicator Dr. Rod Cooper
CO 540 Helping Relationships Dr. Kelly Breen Boyce
CO 710 Psychopathology Dr. Kelly Breen Boyce
CO/WM 712 Cross-Cultural Counseling Dr. Rod Cooper
CO 714 Family Counseling/Therapy Dr. Gregg Blanton
CO 770 Lifestyle & Career Development Dr. Maria Boccia
CO 850 Advanced Christian Counseling Models & Practice Dr. Kelly Breen Boyce
EV/WM 665 Church Planting & Growth Dr. Mike Moses
IS 502 A&B Integrative Seminar in Research & Writing Dr. Bob Mayer
IS 502 C Integrative Seminar in Research & Writing Dr. Bob Mayer
GL 502 (CA) Basic Greek II Dr. Joel Harlow
GL 502 (CB) Basic Greek II Dr. Joel Harlow
MC 540 Urban Ministry Dr. Jim Logan
NT 504 Paul & His Letters Dr. Paul Bowers
NT 617 Exegesis of John Dr. Rollin Grams
NT/OT 795 Biblical Theology Seminar Dr. Jeff Niehaus
OL 502 (CA) Hebrew II Dr. Joel Harlow
OL 502 (CB) Hebrew II Dr. Catherine McDowell
OT 500 Old Testament Survey Dr. Catherine McDowell
OT 500-O Old Testament Survey (Online) Dr. Tim Laniak
PC 511 Introduction to Pastoral Counseling Dr. Sid Bradley
PR 602 Preaching for Modern Readers Dr. Rod Cooper
TH 501 Theology Survey I Dr. Don Fairbairn
TH 502 Theology Survey II Dr. Alan Myatt