Spring 2016 Course Schedule

Code No. Section Course Title Instructor
CH 501 CIROA The Church to the Reformation Dr. Slavik Lytvynenko
CH 502 CA The Church since the Reformation Dr. Don Fortson
CH 502 CIROA The Church since the Reformation Dr. Ryan Reeves
CH/TH 681 CA Christian Thought and Philosophy Dr. Don Fairbairn
CH 695 CA Lutheranism in North America Dr. Mary Havens
CH 760 CA Reading in Church History: Great Awakening Dr. Bob Mayer
CL 503 CA Foundations for Leadership Dr. Steve Klipowicz
CL 650 CO1 Christian Leader as Communicator Dr. Eugene Heacock
CL 670 CO1 Team and Team Building Dr. Eugene Heacock
CO 501 CO1 Introduction to Counseling Research Dr. Bob Mayer
CO 540 CA Helping Relationships Dr. Kelly Breen Boyce
CO 710 CA Psychopathology Dr. Kelly Breen Boyce
CO 714 CA Family Therapy Dr. Gregg Blanton
CO/PC 718 CA Group Dynamics Chris Cook
CO 790C CA Professional Standards & Christian Ethics for Counselors Dr. Vickey Maclin
CO 850 CA Advanced Christian Counseling Models & Practice Chris Cook
CO 867 CA Clinical Counseling Practicum Counseling Faculty
CO 868 CA Clinical Counseling Internship I Counseling Faculty
CO 869 CA Clinical Counseling Internship II Counseling Faculty
CT 500 CO1 Introduction to Theological Research Dr. Bob Mayer
CT 631 CA Lutheran Confessions Dr. Mary Havens
EM/MC 616 CA Ministry Among Emerging Generations Dr. Jimmy Long
ET 501 CIROA Christian Ethics Dr. Esther Bruland
ET/NT 543 CA New Testament and Christian Ethics Dr. Rollin Grams
EV/WM 665 CA Church Planting and Growth Dr. Jon Shuler
GL 501 CIROA Basic Greek I Dr. Mark Jennings
GL 502 CA Basic Greek II Dr. Gerry Wheaton
GL 502 CB Basic Greek II Dr. Gerry Wheaton
MC/SF 501 CIROA Spiritual Formation for Ministry Dr. Steve Klipowicz
MC 507 CO1 Reflection and Formation for Ministry Dr. Steve Klipowicz
MC/TH 525 CIROA Faith, Work and Economics Dr. Richard Lints
MC 601K CA Reformed Ecclesiology and Polity Dr. Don Fortson
NT 501 CA New Testament Survey Dr. William Barcley
NT 501 CO1 New Testament Survey Dr. Ryan Jackson
NT 501 CIROA New Testament Survey Dr. Drake Williams
NT 504 CIROA Paul and His Letters Dr. Mark Jennings
NT 620 CA Exegesis of Romans Dr. Rollin Grams
NT/OT 594-O CO1 Biblical Theology Dr. Rollin Grams
NT/OT 795 CA Biblical Theology Seminar Dr. Rollin Grams
OL 502 CA Hebrew II Dr. Catherine McDowell
OT 500 CO1 Old Testament Survey Dr. David Schreiner
OT 500 CIROA Old Testament Survey Dr. Douglas Stuart
OT 765 CA Exegesis in Poetry: The Fall and Restoration of Zion Dr. Tom Petter
PC 511 CIROA Introduction to Pastoral Counseling Jeremy Ruckstaetter
PR 602 CA Preaching for Modern Listeners

Dr. Rod Cooper

TH 501 CA Theology Survey I Dr. Don Fairbairn
TH 501 CIROA Theology Survey I Dr. Kirsten Sanders
TH 502 CA Theology Survey II Dr. Alan Myatt
TH 502 CIROA Theology Survey II Dr. Adonis Vidu
WM 601 CIROA World Mission of the Church

Dr. Xiyi (Kevin) Yao