Summer 2009

Course Schedule


Course Syllabi

Course Title
CH/MC 591 Dynamics of Spiritual Life Dr. Gwenfair Adams
CO 540 Helping Relationships Drs. Maria Boccia & Kelly Breen Boyce
CO 699 Research Methods and Design Dr. Maria Boccia
ET 681 Issues in Sexual Ethics and Bioethics Dr. Dennis Hollinger
NT 501 New Testament Survey Dr. Paul Bowers
OT 501 Theology of the Pentateuch Dr. Jeff Niehaus
CL 630 The Person of the Christian Leader Dr. Wayne Goodwin
TH 603 Contemporary Theology & Theologians Dr. Alan Myatt
CL/NT/OT574 Biblical Theology of Leadership Drs. Rod Cooper & Tim Laniak
NT 502 Interpreting the New Testament Dr. Rollin Grams
NT/OT517 Interpreting the Bible Dr. Tim Laniak
OT647 Exegesis in Elijah-Elisha Narratives Dr. Jeff Niehaus