Summer 2014 Course Schedule

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Course Title
AP 601 CA Cultural Apologetics Dr. Alan Myatt
CH 502-O CIROA The Church Since the Reformation Dr. Garth Rosell
CL 640 CA Managing Conflict Dr. Rod Cooper  
CO/PC 718 CA Group Therapy Dr. Vickey Maclin
CO 611 CA Theories of Personality Dr. Morgan Enright
CO 614 CA Family Systems Theory Dr. Vickey Maclin
CO 795 CA Fundamentals of Clinical Supervision  Dr. Morgan Enright
ET 501-O CIROA Christian Ethics Dr. Esther Bruland
L/N/O 574 CA Biblical Theology of Leadership Dr. Sid Buzzell
MC 501 CA Spiritual Formation for Ministry Dr. Steve Klipowicz
MC 585 CO1 The Christian Communicator Dr. Steve Klipowicz & Dr. Rod Cooper                                                            
NT/OT 517 CA Interpreting the Bible Dr. Walter Kaiser
NT/OT 517 CO1 Interpreting the Bible Dr. Catherine McDowell
NT 501 CO1 New Testament Survey Dr. Rollin Grams
NT 501-O CIROA New Testament Survey Dr. Rollin Grams
NT 502 CA Interpreting the New Testament Dr. Rollin Grams
NT 504 CA Paul and His Letters Dr. Paul Bowers
NT 615 CA Exegesis of Luke Dr. Gerry Wheaton
OT 500-O CIROA Old Testament Survey Dr. Douglas Stuart
OT 511 CA Interpreting the Old Testament Dr. Catherine McDowell
PC 511 CO1 Introduction to Pastoral Care

Dr. Kelly Breen Boyce

TH 502-O CIROA Theology Survey II Dr. Adonis Vidu